Become qualified to operate essential equipment 

We offer high quality training designed for your company by competent instructors with a wealth of experience. The lessons we offer UDT training result in an essential qualification in the operation or maintenance of technical equipment. They are subject to technical supervision by an official state institution. 

Official from the DTU congratulating a trainee

The Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) is a state legal institution operating for more than a century in the field of safety of technical equipment, on the basis of various legal acts. In Poland, we have more than 9 field branches of the UDT and more than 20 offices. 

The DPA's responsibilities include: 

  • regulating compliance with janitorial and other regulations, 
  • carrying out inspections of technical equipment specified in the regulations (e.g. fuel oil recycling equipment), 
  • taking decisions and formally presenting them on the basis of notifications after technical supervision, 
  • technical records, 
  • incentive measures to improve skills in working with machines, 
  • organising UDT teaching activities, 
  • certification of technical equipment systems. 

Entitlements that can be obtained after training 

People who want to manage technical equipment without any problems should have the right authorisations in their company, officially issued by the UDT - Office of Technical Inspection. These allow full-fledged use of technical equipment to: 

  • welding activities;  
  • welding operations;  
  • soldering activities;  
  • plastic processing;  
  • heat treatment;  
  • the modernisation and repair of certain equipment and the manufacture of components for this;  
  • manufacture, assembly, repair and modernisation of technical equipment.  
Training with a professional instructor

What is training like at ERGON?  

Our training sessions take place every day, including public holidays, so you will not have to wait long to acquire the necessary knowledge. We try to cover between 6 and 9 topics in one day.  

We have halls in most Polish cities, with our headquarters in Warsaw. We hold our classes there, where we have rooms with the appropriate equipment. Upon request, we can travel to the address that the client prefers as the location of the training. We offer the option of open classes for anyone interested and closed classes for groups. The course is based on the guidelines of the Office of Technical Inspection. Classes are divided into theoretical and practical parts. They take place before an examination board supervised by members of the Authority. Examinations are usually written and oral. 

Equipmentwhich we discuss as part of UDT training are:  

  • winches and hoists; 
  • cranes; 
  • cranes; 
  • stacker cranes; 
  • freight lifts; 
  • ship lifts; 
  • mobile platforms; 
  • lift trucks; 
  • cranes; 
  • linkage cranes; 
  • container handling equipment; 
  • stackers; 
  • cableways; 
  • lifts to move people for tourism and sport; 
  • platforms and mobile platforms that have propulsion units in ferry ports; 
  • portable tanks; 
  • equipment for filling and emptying transport tanks for non-hazardous materials; 
  • equipment for filling and emptying tanks for the transport of hazardous materials; 
  • tanks for liquefied or compressed gas used to power internal combustion engines in vehicles; 
  • steam boilers with a volume greater than 2 dm3 designed to generate steam from liquids using the heat from the fuel as a result of an exothermic reaction; 
  • special equipment under military-technical control. 

Each piece of equipment is assigned a validity period for the qualification certificates.