The most important orders and prohibitions when working with mobile platforms

Employees wishing to obtain UDT qualifications to work with mobile platforms of different types, they receive comprehensive theoretical preparation, which also includes safety principles.

Before device will be used:

  • carry out all daily checks on the condition of the equipment
  • do not use damaged or incomplete equipment
  • do not use the equipment on an unsuitable surface

Before moving the device:

  • the surface should be thoroughly checked for damage and obstructions
  • check the direction of movement of the device

Moving the device:

  • constantly check the space in front of and above the appliance in the direction of its movement

  • move the platform at an appropriate speed
  • steer the equipment to avoid obstacles that may appear
  • do not lean over the rails of the device
  • do not place objects on the control panel
  • do not lean on the control panel
  • mobile phones should not be used

Placing devices in the correct position:

  • adjust the height of the unit to the correct level
  • watch out for obstacles, including on the ceiling
  • the pavement should be checked for damage and level

Using devices:

  • mobile platforms should not be used by persons without training
  • the operator should be familiar with the specific type of equipment
  • the operator should be made aware of the risks involved in using the equipment and of the operating rules


  • do not use the device if you are not sure of the rescue procedures and there is no one nearby who is familiar with them

In addition, the mobile platforms course addresses other issues related to safety rules when using the equipment. As an operator, you should be familiar with all of the rules outlined for mobile, ride-on, freewheel and other types of lifts depending on their type and rating.

By choosing our course for mobile platformsYou receive a comprehensive service including theoretical and practical training to enable you to use the equipment safely.

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