Professional qualifications of UDT, TDT and WDT 

Our training company organises courses and training for operators and maintainers, which culminate in an examination for the UDT qualifications, WDT and TDT.   

In Poland, technical supervision is carried out by 3 units  

machinery construction
  • UDT - Office of Technical Inspection  
  • WDT - Military Technical Inspection  
  • TDT- Transport Technical Supervision 

Office of Technical Inspection   

The UDT deals with technical equipment, that is, equipment used during construction and storage work. 

The scope of the UDT's activities includes

  • Checking the technical supervision of technical equipment.
  • Drafting of technical supervision conditions and standards describing the principles of safe operation of technical equipment.   
  • Supervision and control of compliance with technical supervision regulations.  
  • Recognition of laboratories testing technical equipment.  
  • Issuance of technical supervision decisions.
  • Issuing and controlling the qualifications of persons who manufacture, build, repair, upgrade, operate and maintain technical equipment. 

Equipment subject to technical supervision by the UDT includes:  

  • linkage cranes,  
  • stackers,   
  • cableways,
  • mobile platforms,  
  • cranes (hydraulic, construction, automotive),  
  • Rollers,    
  • freight lifts,  
  • forklift trucks,  
  • stacker cranes,  
  • escalators,   
  • flanged connections,  
  • HDS cranes,  
  • ship lifts, 
  • excavators,   
  • cranes,  
  • winches and hoists,  
  • container handling equipment,  
  • loading devices or discharge,   
  • telescopic handlers,  
  • forklifts,  
  • loading equipment in the handling lines,  
  • facilities for people with disabilities.   

helmeted excavator operator

Transport Technical Supervision  

Among the equipment subject to TDT, there is mainly technical transport equipment. These include specialised and ordinary continuous and handling equipment, which includes, among others, mobile platforms.   

The scope of activities of the TDT is very similar to that of the UDT, but it includes:

  • issuing certificates authorising vehicles to transport selected types of hazardous materials, 
  • carrying out technical supervision of certain types of equipment that are not supervised by UDT and WDT.

Equipment, subject to technical supervision by the TDT, includes:  

  • technical equipment used in the railway area,
  • ski lifts,   
  • passenger cableways,  
  • tanks used in road, rail and inland waterway traffic, 
  • freight railways, 
  • technical equipment used in ports, cargo-handling bases,  
  • technical equipment used on seagoing vessels.   

Military Technical Inspection   

It deals with technical equipment used in the Polish Armed Forces.  

The scope of WDT's activities primarily includes:   

  • carrying out technical supervision of certain equipment,
  • issuing certificates authorising vehicles to transport certain types of hazardous materials,  
  • issuing decisions on the technical supervision of such equipment.   

Equipment, subject to technical supervision by the WDT, includes:  

  • pressurised and non-pressurised equipment, i.e. tanks, boilers, acetylene generators, piping,   
  • handling equipment such as cranes, cranes, hoists, conveyors, platforms, overhead cranes, stackers and trolleys.   

Course and form of training  

construction workers at work

The type of training depends on the type of equipment and authorisation. The training is divided into two stages:  

  1. part of - The course participant is familiarised with the various standards and regulations, including health and safety regulations,
  1. practical part - In this section, students are introduced to the operation of the equipment. 

All our training courses take place in both open and closed formats, designed exclusively for a specific audience. Courses take place at our premises as well as at the client's company premises.  

Conditions for joining the course

  • minimum primary education,
  • The participant must be at least 18 years old,
  • certificate of no health contraindication.   

Price list  

Prices for our training courses are set individually depending on the number of trainees.  

You are welcome to contact us by phone and email.

Questions and answers

Where is the training provided?

Courses are held at our headquarters in Warsaw, our locations in other cities in Poland, as well as at the client's company premises.  

What is the format of the course?

All of our training courses take place in both open and closed formats, designed exclusively for a specific audience.  

Course - hanging mobile platforms - operation
Scissor lift service course
Course for mobile platforms - spiders
Course for rises (aerial platforms)
Preparation course for working on lifts abroad (basket lifts - boom lift, scissor lifts - scissor lift)
Course for stationary mobile platforms
Course for mast climbing work platforms
UDT equipment maintenance course with a qualification exam
Course of maintenance of movable platforms (aerial platforms - boom lifts)
Course for loading platforms - qualifications for conservators
Course for stationary and mast mobile platforms - maintenance
Course for mobile platforms on railway vehicles - maintenance
Course on the operation of mobile platforms on railway vehicles
Maintenance of equipment for the disabled: platforms and lifts
Training of construction machinery operators
A specialist hook rigger course at an attractive price
Course in the operation of goods and passenger lifts
Get qualifications for mobile platforms
HDS cranes - course
Training in the operation of loading, unloading and feeding equipment
TDT certification course
TDT authorisations, UNO - training courses
Container trucks course
Pressure equipment operation course
Course in construction crane operation
Freight lift operator course
Assembly of flange connections - course
Hook signaller - get certified
UTB qualification for a forklift maintenance technician.
Tower and fast-mounting cranes - get your UDT licence.
Floating cranes - maintenance course
UDT training - mobile crane operator
OJT course with stationary crane operation
Become an operator of railway cranes and on railway vehicles
Training as operator and maintainer of tower and high-speed cranes
UDT training for rail crane operators
Vessel lift maintainer/operator
TDT authorisation to operate floating cranes
Railway cranes - maintenance training
Mobile crane operator training
Building lift maintenance course for passenger and goods passenger lifts
UDT courses for crane operators
UDT course for maintenance of shipbuilding and port cranes
Mobile crane maintenance licence course
UDT course for deck cranes
Course for warehouse stacker crane maintenance qualifications
Course in the operation and maintenance of draglines for moving wagons on tracks
UDT course for maintenance of stationary cranes
Telescopic handler operator course
Become a HDS crane maintainer
Earn your tower crane maintenance licence
Crane maintenance licence course
Crane maintenance licence training
Lifting platforms - training course
High reach forklift course - get your UDT licence
Courses for operators and maintainers - Merlo forklift trucks
UDT courses in forklift truck operation

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