Become a mobile crane operator 

Mobile crane operator - UDT course

Every employee who operates or maintains mobile cranes must have the relevant qualifications. We invite you to training courses that prepare you for the UDT exam to become a mobile crane operator. The exam consists of a test and a practical part on operating or renovating the equipment. 

We offer open trainings organised in our training centres in Warsaw and other cities of your choice. We offer travel to the client throughout Poland. 

We also offer closed-door training. All you need to do is arrange with us the date and location where we are to conduct the training. 

Training programme

  • Health and Safety and regulations on the operation and maintenance of mobile cranes; 
  • information on technical supervision; 
  • construction of vehicle cranes, discussion of operating diagrams of individual components; 
  • possible risks in the operator's work; 
  • operator responsibilities; 
  • rules for the correct operation of equipment; 
  • securing mobile cranes; 
  • practical activities. 

Conservators learn additional skills such as technical supervision or changing parts and oils. 

Conditions of participation 

  • coming of age; 
  • minimum basic education; 
  • no health contraindications to exercise the profession. 
Mobile crane during transhipment

Legal provisions 

The legal basis for operating mobile cranes and being subject to technical supervision: 

  • Journal of Laws. 2000 No. 122 item 1321 Act of 21 December 2000 on technical supervision; 
  • Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, Warsaw, 27 December 2012, Item 1468, Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 7 December 2012 on types of technical devices subject to technical supervision; 
  • Regulation of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of 21 May 2019 on the manner and procedure for verifying qualifications required for the operation and maintenance of technical equipment and the manner and procedure for extending the period of validity of qualification certificates, issued pursuant to Article 23(5) of the Technical Supervision Act; 
  • Ordinance of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of 30 October 2018 on the technical conditions of technical supervision for the operation, repair and modernisation of material handling equipment. 

Purpose of the training

  • professional preparation for the UDT exam; 
  • improving professional qualifications; 
  • To provide up-to-date knowledge and practical skills in the operation of mobile cranes. 

Passing the UDT exam entitles you to work as an operator or maintainer of mobile cranes.  

Students receive a bilingual (in Polish and English) certificate of completion from us, including a detailed training programme. 

Mobile crane during steel construction assembly

About us

We are a training centre with over fifteen years of experience. We train operators and maintainers on machines subject to the UDT, such as cranes, telehandlers, mobile platforms or forklift trucks.  

Our training staff are experienced professionals with many years of experience. They offer advice and are happy to discuss machinery and UDT requirements with you. 

We regularly update our training programmes in accordance with the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection. Many years of cooperation with UDT centres allow us to efficiently train an increasing number of satisfied trainees.  

Description of the crane

A mobile crane is commonly referred to as a crane. It is a crane supported on a truck chassis or a special self-propelled substrate.  

It is mostly used for work during material handling and assembly work.  

It is made up of a swinging boom and winches. These allow the load to be lifted, moved and lowered. 

Questions and answers

How long is a mobile crane operator's licence valid?

UDT qualifications The mobile crane operator qualification is valid for 5 years. After these expire, the qualification must be renewed.

What equipment does the mobile crane qualification authorise?

The licence authorises the operator to operate mobile cranes, but also mobile, portable and stationary cranes.

What responsibilities does a crane operator have?

The job of a mobile crane operator involves a number of responsibilities. These serve to keep themselves and their colleagues safe, prolong the operation of the equipment and prevent breakdowns.

What are mobile cranes?

Mobile cranes are cranes mounted on a truck chassis or other special vehicle chassis. They are most commonly used for handling and assembly work. They can have electric, hydraulic or mechanical drive.