Examples of devices for which we organize courses and exams.

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Low-speed mobile platforms
the so-called platforms, scissor lifts, work platforms - IP category
course for mobile platforms

Low-speed mobile platforms
the so-called articulated and telescopic aerial platforms - IP category
mobile platforms Warsaw

Self-propelled mobile platforms
the so-called vehicle mounted aerial platforms - IP category
ergon forklift courses

Telescopic loaders
with variable reach cat. - IWJO
ergon forklift operator course

Forklift trucks
lifting jacks, the so-called forklifts cat. - IIWJO
ergon training

Forklift trucks
lifting the so-called landing cat. - IIIWJO

UDT Ergon training courses

In ERGON Personnel Training Center we provide professional UDT trainings giving the authority of the Office of Technical Inspection. Our UDT courses are aimed at clients looking for comprehensive support in increasing the competences of their own and their employees at workplaces where UDT qualifications. We constantly cooperate with UDT - trainings are conducted all the time in accordance with the latest requirements.

We offer UDT courses at attractive prices depending on the number of participants. Each class is conducted by qualified specialists, with the use of modern training facilities, and puts emphasis on both the theoretical and practical parts. Thanks to this, UDT trainings carried out by our Personnel Training Center are distinguished by the best effectiveness and are often recommended. We provide UDT trainings both open and closed. Especially for the offer can be adapted to the company's profile.

Our offer includes, among others, the following courses for the licenses of the Office of Technical Inspection:

  • cranes controlled from the cabin and from the working level
  • winches from the cabin and working level
  • goods and construction lifts with service
  • tower cranesrail-mounted and mobile (HDS)
  • forklifts, including forklift trucks and specialized ones, incl. telescopic loaders with variable reach
  • and course for mobile platforms

In addition, we also offer an ADR course and training for a car diagnostician, TDT qualifications and UNO service.

Additionally, we offer courses for forklifts and hook lift licenses. In our Center, the forklift operator course is conducted with and without the authorizations of the Office of Technical Inspection.

We invite you to sign up for classes at the ERGON Personnel Training Center!