ERGON Personnel Training Center cordially invites you to training courses for aerial work platforms and scissor lifts and others. The goal of training is to obtain the necessary UDT qualificationswithout which devices cannot be operated. Construction, assembly or decoration works require the use of devices such as scissor lifts and aerial platforms - training is therefore necessary to carry out all activities safely and in accordance with the regulations. With us, the qualifications will be even easier to obtain! In our center, we have been running courses on aerial platforms and scissor lifts for years. We have already trained thousands of employees who, thanks to us, passed the UDT exams without any problems and obtained the necessary qualifications. We employ only qualified lecturers and instructors who know the regulations in detail and know how the lifts work - our courses are therefore always full of valuable information that can be used in later everyday work. Each course is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part deals with the subject of technical inspection regulations, information on cranes, including lifts, their construction and operation, we also provide information on health and safety. As a result, we comprehensively prepare for the UDT exam approach in accordance with applicable regulations.

The use of lifts

Lifts are a group of devices that are designed to carry out work at heights. According to the classification to the group of devices referred to as mobile platforms we also include lifts, therefore the qualifications are necessary to operate them in accordance with the law. The most popular of them are aerial work platforms. Thanks to them, you can easily raise people, materials and equipment to a certain height to carry out construction, finishing, assembly, decorating, cleaning and other types of work.

The devices can be placed on wheels or cars - then they are called self-propelled or slow-moving mobile platforms. Due to their design, the devices are divided into articulated-arm, scissor and telescopic. To operate them, you need to obtain UDT I P.

Purpose of the training

The trainings are intended for people who are 18 years of age, have at least basic education and have a medical certificate that there are no contraindications to work as a device operator.

Our training on lifts provides the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge on the operation of devices in accordance with health and safety regulations and technical inspection regulations. After completing the training, the participant can take the UDT exam, the purpose of which is to obtain the appropriate qualifications.

We offer courses on lifts at competitive prices and with the possibility of receiving discounts for larger groups. We can also organize the course at any place and time according to the wishes of the principals. Due to the fact that our classes are always carefully planned and rich in theory and practice, obtaining qualifications after their completion is even easier.

We cordially invite you to use the services of the ERGON Card Training Center!