Our company offers a professional compressor service course. This is a great opportunity to get the required one entitlements and enjoy great results in every respect.

We provide specialised trainers, attractive classes and favourable prices, so that everyone will be comfortable with their professional development. As part of our training, each participant is able to provide skills such as:

  • operation of compressors, compressors,
  • operation of suction nozzles and blowers,
  • compressed air installations,
  • operating rules.

Any adult person who has at least elementary education can enroll in the classes.

As part of the study, each participant will learn about the legal regulations governing the operation of compressed air devices and installations, as well as the division of compressors and compressors and their construction. It will also be an opportunity to learn about the sizes of the most characteristic devices such as blowers, suction cups and compressors. In addition, the following issues will be discussed:

  • fixed and transportable pressure vessels,
  • start-up of compressors and their design,
  • compressor capacity control,
  • regulations Health and Safety once firefighting.

Our offer is directed both to individuals and to organized groups and companies. We encourage you to contact our office to discuss the details of cooperation. We provide both theoretical and practical classes. Learning in our company is a guarantee that everyone will pass the final exam and gain the desired qualifications.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!