Methods and techniques of joining materials

Welding is nothing else than joining materials by heating them and melting them at the point of joining with or without adding a binder. Each welder specializes in one or more methods of joining metals - which enriches his qualifications and raises his status in the industry.

The main techniques used in welding include:

  • gas, electric (welding with coated electrodes, submerged arc welding, gas-shielded welding with the following methods: MIG, MAG, TIG),
  • electron.

Gas method - what is it?

The essence of the gas welding method is to melt the edges of the welded material using a torch. Gas welding is used for repair and renovation works.

Electric method - what is it?

Among the techniques typical for this method, the first mentioned are welding with coated electrodes, the so-called MMA. It is considered the most universal technique in the entire welding industry. It consists in joining metals at the place of their connection by means of an electric arc arising between the welded element and the coated electrode. The MMA technique is used in steel structures in the shipbuilding industry and in manufacturing industries, e.g. in installation works on construction sites.

Another technique is submerged arc welding. The whole process is that the welding arc glows between the electrode wire and the workpiece and is hidden under a layer of granular flux - hence the name of the technique. Welders use it to connect low-carbon, low-alloy and high-alloy structural steels.

The third technique - shielded gas welding - is distinguished by the MIG, MAG and TIG methods.

  • MIG technique (Metal Inert Gas) - arc welding in a shield of inert gas.
  • MAG technique (Metal Active Gas) - arc welding in the shield of chemically active gas.
  • TIG technique (Tungsten Inert Gas) - arc welding in an inert gas shield.

The techniques are used in the industrial, mechanical and architectural sectors. MAG / MIG techniques are of particular importance for robotics and automation - due to their high efficiency, they are perfect for serial production. These techniques are recommended for joining large-sized metal parts. The TIG technique is used for welding small and single elements.

Electron method - what is it?

It is a method that is used in many industries. In short, it consists in heating the connection site with an electron beam. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it allows you to join metals that cannot be joined using other techniques.