Are you wondering what are tower cranes?

Generally speaking, cranes are devices for carrying various materials and facilitating construction work. It is a crane ranked among the largest working machines.

There are several types of cranes. We can divide them, for example, by type or height at which they lift the load. However, the best known and general division is the following:

  •  Tower,
  •  port or shipbuilding,
  •  Self-propelled,
  • floating,

Tower Cranes are huge working machines that we often see on all kinds of residential or industrial construction sites. We include them among construction machines. The height of such a crane can reach up to 100 meters. It is made of a vertical column (tower) and a horizontal or tilting boom. Such a machine has a huge reach and is able to carry heavy and large loads.

A crane (also known as a crane) can be stationary or mobile. The latter can have two types of undercarriage: rail or tracked.

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