Name of the course - training
The offer includes the cost of the qualifying exam
before the UDT committee

The price depends on the number of people registered
The given prices are gross costs ZW VAT

A course for forklifts with replacement of LPG gas cylinders - IIWJO category

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Specialized forklift course - forklifts with a cabin lifting the operator - IWJO category
Telescopic loaders course - qualifications for the operator of telescopic loaders (specialized forklifts with variable reach) - IWJO category
Mobile platform service course - slow-moving mobile: scissor, articulated, telescopic, transportable - IP category
Workshop on aerial work platforms - operation of mobile platforms mounted on vehicles - IP category
Hanging, mast and stationary platforms service course - not constituting a technological line - category IIP
HDS crane operator course - service of portable and mobile cranes mounted on a HDS car chassis - cat. IIŻ
Crane, hoists and winches operation course - controlled from the working level - category IIS
Course in the operation of hoists and winches - operator of hoists and winches controlled from the working level, including wireless cat. IIW
Stationary cranes service course - license for the operator of stationary - workshop davits, category IIŻ
Course in the use of goods and passenger lifts - service of goods lifts with internal control and hospital or construction cranes issued before the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) - ID and IID qualifications.
Mobile crane operator course - operation of mobile cranes mounted on cars
Quick-erecting crane operator course - IŻ qualifications for the operator of cranes controlled wirelessly from the working level
Tower crane operator course - IŻ qualifications for an operator of construction tower cranes of any type (insurance cost for practical training included in the price)
Conservator courseUDT qualifications for maintenance, repairs and service of material handling equipment subject to Technical Inspection, e.g. forklifts, cranes, gantries, mobile platforms and others.
Hakowy and Signaller - Safe operation - handling of general and special purpose hook slings - ISO 23853: 2018 Cranes - Training of slingers and signallers.
Altitude training - Safe operation - support of harnesses, industrial harnesses protecting against falls when working at height - BS8454 BS8454

The above price offer does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code due to
that each training cost can be negotiated individually.