Dates, price, course of the training

What are the available training dates?

Open training courses are organized on a regular basis, usually at 1- or 2-week intervals. The current list of terms is available on the website

What is the duration of the course?

The duration of the course may vary depending on several factors:

  • Agreed Training Program
  • The level of knowledge and experience of the participants
  • The type and type of device
  • Your location

The Center offers courses for both beginners and those with some experience. Group participants are selected so that the level of their knowledge is similar. This allows you to plan the training program in such a form as to provide information from scratch or just supplement it. Also in the case of closed training, organized for companies, the duration of the course may be shortened if the participants have already dealt with devices of a given type.

How long does the practical training last?

In the case of adults, the time needed to acquire practical knowledge can be very different - it is an individual matter. Some people can operate the equipment after just one hour of learning, others need 10 hours.

The number of hours of practical classes is adjusted based on the diagnosis of the participants' needs. It is possible to create different groups with more or fewer hours. The time needed to learn how to use the device will be shorter for people who have already worked, for example, as an operator's assistant or who have gained in the past entitlements on the old rules. The instructor may also shorten the time of practical classes on an ongoing basis, when he sees that the trainee has already mastered the operation of the device to a sufficient degree. Each student is assessed and their skills are checked.

Do trainings also take place on weekends?

Yes - trainings also take place on Saturdays, Sundays, and also during the week, in the afternoon. This is a good solution for people who are currently working and want to gain knowledge after working hours.

Where are the classes held?

Trainings take place at the Center's headquarters, in Warsaw, or at its branches (in most large cities). If a group of interested people gathers, the Center's instructors are also available in other cities in Poland.

Can instructors conduct training at the client's premises?

Yes, we offer this option. This is possible thanks to the statute of the Center, as well as the resources of our teaching staff. We expect the client to meet the minimum requirements in terms of access to teaching and technical facilities. The customer is also responsible for ensuring safety conditions, in particular for the efficient operation of technical devices, which should have a valid inspection performed by a conservator and periodic technical inspection.

What is the price of the training?

Training prices vary for each type of device. Information on this can be found directly on the pages describing the training data.

The prices of open-ended courses are usually higher than for corporate training. This is due to the fact that gathering a group of individual clients may be difficult - it is not always possible to complete the full group on a given date. The price may also fluctuate over time, depending on whether there are still a large number of places for the training or the vacancies are running out.

In the case of closed courses, organized only for employees, employers can count on lower prices, especially when they decide to cooperate longer. The price may also be lower due to the larger number of participants.

What is included in the course price?

The center in the course price provides:

  • A certain number of hours of theoretical classes, in-house or online (in the form of webinars)
  • Practical classes on the maneuvering yard with access to devices
  • Access to the educational platform for participants, which includes study materials, instructional videos, sample tests to be performed before the exam
  • Simplified training completion supplement
  • Essential equipment Health and Safetywaistcoats, harnesses - depending on the subject of the training
  • Accommodation assistance for participants
  • During breaks during training: coffee, tea, snacks
  • For business clients: assistance in organizing meals for participants (according to separate arrangements)
  • Possibility to issue a plastic card with a photo and / or certificates according to ISO 18878 (according to separate arrangements)

Is the cost of the UDT exam included in the training price?

Yes, the standard price includes the cost of the examination organized by the Office of Technical Inspection. Before enrolling, however, please make sure that this is the case for a given training - some of them do not require or plan to take an external exam.

How do I pay for the training?

Individual customers signing up for open training make payments via the Przelewy24 platform or by BLIK. The payment link is sent by e-mail and SMS.

Business customers make payments in accordance with the Resort's payment policy. It is possible to obtain a deferred payment date, as agreed with the representative of the Center. In this case, it may be necessary to sign an appropriate contract.

Can I register additional people when registering for the training?

Our system provides for such a possibility. A person registering for a course may, for example, enroll colleagues or their employees. The person who writes is treated in the system as an entity under which other registered persons are subject. Optionally, they can also be saved as separate entities.

What are the practical classes?

The practical part of the classes may be based on the technical base of the Center: devices and own premises. It is also possible to organize classes at the client's.

The center has its own internship planning system, thanks to which learning can be optimized: participants receive information about the dates of practical classes by e-mail or SMS. Morning, afternoon and evening hours are available - so that the activities do not interfere with other responsibilities of the participants. The system also includes specialized assessment sheets, according to which the instructor checks practical skills - in a similar way to an external exam. In order to be able to take the UDT practical exam, it is necessary to obtain at least 70 points during the course.

There are various devices in the Center's database, representative of each type. In the case of training on platforms, these will be A and B type platforms, scissor and boom platforms, self-propelled and slow-moving. Candidates for operators of telescopic loaders and forklifts learn to operate on forklifts with variable reach and lifting the operator, as well as on ordinary counterbalanced forklifts. Courses in the operation of gantries are held with the use of gantry cranes. We use equipment from the following brands: JCB, Jungheinrich, Toyota, Linde. Devices from the technical base of the Center are available in the following training halls: in Warsaw (Ursus), Kraków, Katowice.

Can people without experience sign up for the classes?

Yes, the courses can also be attended by beginners, both individual clients and company employees. During registration, training needs are diagnosed and the knowledge of participants is checked, and the scope of the material is selected on this basis.

The course is open to people who meet the minimum requirements, that is:

  • 18 years or older
  • Having at least primary education
  • Appropriate health condition and / or a medical certificate confirming the absence of contraindications to practice and / or a personally signed declaration

People who want to apply for the qualifications of the maintenance technician of handling equipment should have knowledge and skills in the field of electrical engineering (be able to read electrical diagrams), mechanics (materials science, e.g. in terms of fit tolerance with the types of detachable and inseparable connections), power hydraulics, reading kinematic diagrams. In the Center, there is a possibility of training in these topics, for example on a course from the first group in the field of operation and supervision of energy devices.

What is the difficulty level of technical training organized by the Center and external exams? Is the amount of knowledge necessary to learn large?

During our courses, we pass on a fairly large amount of knowledge, and before the exam, we also suggest self-study using the materials we provide on the educational platform. This range of knowledge results from the examination requirements of the units awarding the qualifications. The process of checking qualifications is periodically modified and updated, and the training program is adapted to these changes. The training program is agreed with the examination units. We make every effort to teach in accordance with current regulations and standards.

What training materials do participants receive?

Each participant of the course is provided with materials on a special educational platform. The knowledge passed on during classes was gathered there, helpful in preparation for exams. On the platform, students can read the text-based materials as well as instructional videos. There is also an extensive database of test questions, prepared on the basis of sample UDT exam questions.

Is remote participation possible?

Yes, it is possible to organize online classes. Then the participants take part in webinars conducted by the Centre's instructors. Webinars have a form that activates participants, so that they resemble stationary classes as much as possible.

After completing the online classes, students receive access to the educational platform with materials that help them consolidate the acquired knowledge and prepare for the UDT exam.

What are the hardware requirements for remote share?

You don't need to install any additional software to participate in live webinars. All you need is a web browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

The equipment used (computer, laptop) should be no more than 6/7 years old and equipped with a Windows or Macintosh operating system. Webinars can also be viewed on a phone or tablet.

Remote training participants receive access via e-mail and SMS in the form of a login and an encoded password. Exam and permissions.

Is completing the course tantamount to receiving an entitlement?

The course is only a preparation for the exam, which is carried out by technical inspection inspectors. After completing the classes, an external exam is organized for participants. Only passing the theoretical and practical part of the exam means obtaining the right to work on a given type of equipment.

Do course participants have to pass an internal exam?

Before the UDT exam, students pass internal tests in theory and practice. Participants' knowledge is checked before, during and after the training. This process can be carried out orally, in writing or on-line on the educational platform. After passing the internal examination, students can take an examination conducted by a commission from the appropriate unit awarding qualifications.

What is the waiting time for the exam?

The dates of the courses, both open and closed, are selected so that the waiting time for taking the exam is as short as possible. The date of the exam is determined by the technical inspection inspectors, however, thanks to the efficient organization and experience of the Center, the time between the end of classes and the exam is usually no more than 30 days. In urgent cases, the matter is considered individually. If training is planned well in advance, it is often possible to arrange an external examination immediately after completion.

How long does it take to issue the allowances?

As a standard, the Office of Technical Inspection issues authorizations within 7 working days. However, it should be borne in mind that in the case of a large number of cases, the waiting time may extend up to 30 working days.

Are the qualifications valid abroad?

Each participant may obtain, upon request, a simplified certificate of completing the course and passing the exam. Such a certificate is issued in the training price.

Additionally, it is possible to obtain a paper certificate or a card with a photo in English. The validity of the card is from 1 to 3 years, depending on the result of the exam. Such a supplement may be honored / recognized in countries where there is no system of regulating the profession. It is not tantamount to UDT rights in Poland, but it can be honored internationally. The additional cost is PLN 150 for the paper version and PLN 250 for a card with a photo.

Whether Polish entitlements are recognized by the employer depends on the laws of the country. As part of the European Union, a directive was signed according to which the member states should recognize each other's rights. In other countries (Switzerland, Norway), Polish entitlements are not universally recognized and are not recognized even after translation.

What is the waiting time for the issuance of qualification certificates?

Qualification certificates are issued by the Office on the basis of a passed exam. The waiting time should be seven working days (in practice even 30 working days).

How long are the permissions valid?

The validity period depends on the device and is 5 or 10 years. People who have completed the course at the Center receive e-mail notifications when the expiry date of their entitlements is approaching, with information about the need to extend them.

Can the allowance issuing body withdraw or suspend allowances?

Yes, it has the right to do so in the event of a gross violation of the regulations or work safety rules by an authorized person.