Working on land and at sea - hook signaller 

the hook signals the crane operator

We offer comprehensive training to work as a hook-signaller. We prepare trainees for the proper handling of equipment and to assist in loading materials and directing their transport. 

Course appearance 

The hooker course gives you the opportunity to obtain the qualifications you need to work in the profession. Courses can be chosen in any hourly package. The training is designed to prepare you both practically and theoretically. Practicals are taught on modern equipment and tests are prepared in accordance with current examination requirements.

The course programme consists of: 

  • health and safety regulations, 
  • technical specifications of the equipment types concerned, 
  • evaluation of equipment before work is undertaken, 
  • learning about possible risks, 
  • ways of securing cargo, 
  • learning hand signals. 

Tasks of the hooker 

When a crane or similar type of equipment is moving a load, the hookman's job is to give the right signals to the operator. They must therefore work closely together. The hooksman must be familiar with the appropriate hand sign systems in order to communicate with the equipment operator when he is in his cabin. There is a different sign system for each type of equipment.

crane operator moves a load

The hooker therefore deals with: 

  • cargo preparation,  
  • control of the entire transport process, 
  • communication with operators, 
  • determining the direction of transport, 
  • detection of potential threats. 

Applicable requirements 

You can join the course if: 

  • you are at least 18 years old, 
  • you have a medical certificate of fitness to work, 
  • have a minimum of primary education. 

Final examination 

After the training, you still have to pass an examination. This consists of a practical and a theoretical part and takes place in front of a specially appointed board. If you pass, you will receive your licence. 

Hooker's work 

the hook assists the operator to move the load

Our training prepares you for work as a hookman in all conditions. The knowledge you gain will later come in handy when working on building sites, in warehouses or production halls. It is therefore a profession in high demand. 

Working on land and sea 

We prepare comprehensively not only for work on the mainland, but also on the water. With a specially developed programme in accordance with ISO 15513, OMHEC, LOLER 98, PUWER and Directive 2009/104/EC, our graduate will also be able to seek work throughout the European Union, Norway and the UK. 

Where do we train? 

We conduct our training courses throughout the country and even abroad. We have training centres in major cities across Poland, and we also offer to travel to the client's address of choice.  

Questions and answers

What is the job of a hook signaller?

The hookman performs load securing operations and assists the operator in transporting the load efficiently. 

What requirements must the trainee meet?

The student must be of legal age, have the appropriate medical certificate and have an elementary or higher education. 

Where can you find a job after the course?

The training prepares you for certification, giving you the opportunity to work throughout Poland, the European Union, as well as the UK and Norway.