Loading mobile platforms are located on car trailers and are used to transport goods Mobile loading platforms (also called self-unloading boards) are devices that are used to lift and lower goods on car trailers. They are equipped with hydraulic elements and act as a kind of elevator. They make it easier to load and receive goods with forklifts in warehouses, shops, factories or at construction sites. In order for the loading platforms to be approved for use, they must undergo regular tests and inspections. They are performed by qualified maintenance technicians with UDT licenses.

Our course is designed for people who want to get one entitlements. We recommend it both to people who already work with mobile platforms as conservators, and to those who have no experience in the profession. By participating in the classes and passing the UDT state exam, each student is authorized to repair and maintain loading platforms, including passenger transport, valid for 5 years.

Course of training

The training in the maintenance of handling equipment - loading platforms consists of a lecture and a practical part. The total duration is from 32 to 96 hours. This discrepancy is due to the fact that in the case of people with experience, the time needed to obtain a qualification may be reduced.

The curriculum has been agreed with the Office of Technical Inspection and covers, among others, issues such as:

  • General information on the rules of technical inspection
  • Construction and operation of self-unloading sides
  • Hi Electric
  • Mechanical part, including hydraulic
  • Getting to know the manuals and technical documentation of devices
  • Recipes Health and Safety applicable to maintenance of platforms
  • Duties and powers of the conservator
  • Principles of operation of devices and their maintenance in good technical condition
  • The most common faults in the self-unloading sides, methods of repairing them

Theoretical part - lectures can also be conducted online. The center conducts lectures in the form of webinars, taking place in real time. The practical part - exercises with the use of devices must be held stationary, at the Center or in its branch.

Examination for UDT conservator qualifications

In order to be eligible for the maintenance of handling equipment, the course participant must take an exam. The center comprehensively organizes the exam for students, including providing a didactic and technical base. UDT examiners are responsible for the process of checking qualifications.

Students are informed about the date of the exam. When planning the training schedule, we try to ensure that the waiting time for checking the qualifications is as short as possible. Exams take place at the place of training.

UDT inspectors check the theoretical preparation of candidates by means of a knowledge test and an oral test with the use of a given device.

If the result of the exam is successful, a candidate for a maintenance technician under technical supervision receives a qualification certificate in the form of a plastic card. It is valid throughout the country and is required when taking up employment.Dump tailgate - the platform can be part of a truck

Course for platforms for transporting people and loading - details


You can reserve a place at the selected training via the website www.platformaedukacji.pl. The place is reserved after payment by Przelewy24.pl

Date and place of classes

Classes are held regularly in many locations, including Warsaw, Silesia, Wrocław, Kraków and other large cities. Current dates can be found on the website www.platformaedukacji.pl.

Requirements for participants

To be able to participate in the classes, the following conditions must be met: age 18 and above, completed at least primary school, no medical contraindications.

More information about our courses can be found on the website z frequently asked questions.