Our centres are staffed by qualified specialists - ready to prepare you for the state UDT exam. Future maintainers can choose to take a course in shipyard and harbour cranes, or select other machines from our extensive range. Hundreds of exams passed each year are testament to the high effectiveness of our schools. 


worker at work on a harbour crane

At the ERGON centre, we carry out maintenance and operator training in accordance with the established standards of the Office of Technical Inspection. The maintenance profession is a very responsible job, so our priority is to maintain safety and high work efficiency. We divide the classes into a theoretical part and a practical part. We will familiarise you with: 

  • preparation for UDT technical supervision, 
  • current health and safety rules during maintenance,  
  • the construction of the chosen device,  
  • carrying out the required inspections and repairs, 
  • maintenance plan for the machine, 
  • maintenance records - maintenance book, 
  • familiarisation with current legislation. 


Students completing the conservator course receive a certificate of completion. Future maintainers are admitted to the state UDT examination process. This consists of two examinations: theoretical and practical. It is supervised by a UDT commission. During these examinations, the examinee demonstrates his or her knowledge of machine construction, adherence to health and safety rules, knowledge of applicable laws, the keeping of documentation and the maintenance book. A positive result in both parts guarantees a crane maintenance licence. The certificate is valid for five years, after which it must be renewed, three months before the expiry date on the documents. 

port crane in operation


Maintenance technicians are mainly concerned with the inspection of handling machinery and the detection of potential damage, faults and failures in it. This significantly affects the safe operation of the machine. This eliminates risks to the worker's health and life, especially due to the nature of work on shipyard and harbour cranes. Manual skills in the use of technical tools will be an asset in the work of a maintenance person. In addition, the maintenance person's duties include compiling the required technical documentation and maintaining a maintenance book. 


The job of shipyard and harbour crane maintainer is a responsible position that determines the safety of their operators. It is not counted among the easiest, but it has an attractive salary. In addition, it guarantees stable employment with the demand for this position among the growing technical, mechanical and construction industries. 


cranes in the harbour

In line with our customers' requirements, we offer training courses at our training centres located in major cities across Poland, but we have also launched the option of travelling to the customer. We are suitably equipped to deliver courses throughout the country. 


Each trainee has to fulfil several conditions in order to join the training course: 

  • be an adult, 
  • have a basic education, 
  • have up-to-date medical and height examinations. 


For teaching purposes, we have expanded our course offerings to include: 

  • operation of pressure equipment, 
  • maintenance of materials handling equipment, 
  • maintainer of equipment for the disabled, 
  • construction machinery operator, 
  • forklift operator, 
  • mobile platform operator, 
  • flange fitter, 
  • scissor lift operator, 
  • aerial work platform operator, 
  • telescopic loader operator, 
  • freight lift operator, 
  • crane operator, 
  • HDS crane operator. 

Questions and answers

Where do you carry out training?

We carry out training courses for maintainers, operators and service technicians at our training centres in major cities in Poland, but we also offer the option of travelling to the customer.

What conditions must a trainee meet to take the UDT exam?

You must: be at least 18 years of age, have a valid medical examination and be qualified to work at height.