Training as a building crane maintenance technician 

repair of freight and passenger trespass

ERGON Personnel Training Center provides training in the maintenance of building, goods and passenger lifts. Lift maintenance is a responsible job, so we want to teach trainees how best to carry out the work according to the rules of Health and Safety and UDT.  

Construction cranes 

There are two types of crane, they are: 

  • freight construction crane, 
  • construction crane and passenger crane. 

These cranes are used to move building materials and people vertically, depending on the type of crane used. People and loads are moved by entering a cabin that moves along vertical guides.  

Basic lift obligations 

The person who owns entitlements A maintenance person is responsible for the operation of building lifts, and importantly such a person has to carry out a technical inspection of the lift once a month. During these inspections, fairly basic tasks are carried out, such as adjustments or grease changes in individual areas. Despite the monthly inspections, a general overhaul still has to take place once every six months. This is carried out by the same person who carries out the monthly technical inspection. 

Freight construction crane in operation

An important point is that every 12 months an inspection of the lift by the Office of Technical Inspection takes place, this is to test the entire lift for safe use. If the inspection is positive, a special sticker is affixed to the cabin. If the test comes out negative, it is necessary to carry out remedial work and undergo another inspection. 

Conservator's powers 

If you want to start working with construction cranes, you must have a maintenance licence. This work is based on responsibility and independence. The licence gives us the opportunity to carry out technical inspections, operations or upgrades. Anyone taking on this type of work is obliged to prove their qualifications to their employer. The authorised person must keep a maintenance logbook, in which every action the maintenance worker has performed is recorded.  

Who are we targeting with the course? 

The course is aimed at people who are interested in working with construction cranes as a maintenance technician. 

Training offer 

freight crane carries a load

Our training courses are taught by excellent lecturers who have the required knowledge and will prepare you carefully. The course is designed to provide the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge. The tasks performed during the class are particularly important, as working on construction cranes we will get to know them best. Practical training takes place under the guidance of instructors who will provide helpful advice and guidance. 

Each of our trainees can count on careful preparation for the state exam.  

Other training organised by us 

We organise courses for operators and maintainers on, among other things: 

  • forklifts, 
  • cranes, 
  • mobile platforms, 
  • HDS cranes, 
  • telescopic handlers, 
  • winches and hoists. 

If you are interested in one of our courses, please feel free to give us a call, we will introduce you to the training programme and answer your questions. Furthermore, we will arrange a convenient training date. Feel free to contact us!  

Questions and answers

What is the maintenance interval for the crane?

An inspection of the crane should take place once a month and, during this inspection, the maintenance technician must carry out basic tasks such as adjustments and changing lubricants in certain areas.

What other training courses do you organise?

We organise training for operators and maintainers for, among others, mobile platforms (including scissor lifts and basket lifts), HDS cranes, telehandlers, overhead cranes.