The Act of December 21, 2000 on technical supervision (Journal of Laws of 2013, item 963, as amended)

The Act specifies the principles, forms and scope of technical supervision by the units competent for this purpose. It is one of the basic acts related to the activities of the Office of Technical Inspection, which includes all information related to the conduct of works in the field of technical inspection in Poland, including procedures for granting permissions by the Office of Technical Inspection, admission to use of technical devices and their manufacturing design, including manufacturing of materials and components, repairs, modernization and marketing.


Regulation of the Council of Ministers of December 7, 2012. on the types of technical devices subject to technical inspection (Journal of Laws of 2012 No. 0 item 1468), issued pursuant to Art. 5 sec. 2 of the act on technical inspection.

It specifies the types of devices that are subject to technical inspection in Poland. The regulation specifies the forms of technical inspection, types, dates of technical tests and the scope of tests for specific technical devices used during works, including pressure equipment, handling equipment, jacks, cabin and chair conveyors, non-pressure and low-pressure tanks intended for the storage of poisonous or corrosive materials and flammable liquids.


Regulation of the Minister of Economy of July 18, 2001. on the procedure for checking the qualifications required for the operation and maintenance of technical devices (Journal of Laws No. 79, item 849), amended by the ordinance of February 20, 2003 (Journal of Laws No. 50, item 426), issued on the basis of art. 23 sec. 5 of the act on technical inspection.

The regulation specifies the methods of checking qualifications that are required during the operation and maintenance of technical devices, types of technical devices for the operation and maintenance of which qualifications are required, and also contains a template of an application for checking qualifications along with information related to its individual entries, deadlines for notifying persons interested. Information relating to the examination to be received is also provided UDT qualifications for the operation and maintenance of technical devices.


Regulation of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of October 30, 2018 on technical conditions of technical inspection in the field of operation, repair and modernization of handling equipment (Journal of Laws 2018, item 2176)

The regulation contains information defining the technical supervision conditions for the operation of handling equipment such as winches and hoists, cranes, stacker cranes and cranes, goods lifts, escalators, installations for disabled persons, cabin and platform hoists, stairways and moving walkways, lifts, including those for the transport of persons, goods, small and building cranes, linotor cranes, forklift trucks, jacks designed to move non-linear loads and technical devices for container manipulation.


Regulation of the Minister of Economy of December 28, 2001. on the technical conditions of technical inspection to be met by the jacks (Journal of Laws No. 4, item 43).

The document defines the detailed technical conditions for carrying out technical inspection for the design, manufacture and operation of manually and mechanically powered jacks, also intended for the straight-line movement of loads vertically with the use of a rigid element, with partial use of the tensioning system. It also specifies elements of jacks, the replacement of which does not require agreement with technical inspection units, safety factors and maximum actuating forces, formulas and calculation factors.

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