We invite you to the rope access training, organized by ERGON. We have been successfully educating experts for over 25 years! The rope access course follows the BS7985 standard. We prepare for conquest in a professional and effective way permissions mountaineering.

What is rope access?

Rope access training (also known as mountaineering work) - allows you to use ropes (and other equipment) to determine the position of the employee, belay, as well as to enter and exit the workplace and the use of ropes on traverses. Acquiring such skills requires physical fitness, acquiring professional knowledge and specialist training.

Rope access altitude courses concern situations in which an employee performs his tasks while being suspended and two ropes must be used during work: working and safety ropes. The use of mountaineering equipment in rope access is aimed at: stabilizing the working position by supporting or suspending, and protection against falling from a height during the performance of tasks. Climbing access methods are used wherever the use of other techniques (e.g. building access) is not economically justified, is too risky or is technically impossible.

The rope access course is intended for people working at:

  • cleaning windows and facades of high-rise buildings
  • painting facades of buildings
  • installation of large-format advertisements
  • servicing telecommunications masts
  • cleaning and painting tanks
  • assembly and renovation of steel or reinforced concrete structures
  • and to companies that want to outsource training of their employees

The training is aimed at people who work with mountaineering techniques.


The practical part of the course is carried out on specially prepared structures that are the permanent equipment of the training center. Workshops during the training are carried out with the use of equipment such as: fall arrest systems, safety harnesses, connectors, shock absorbers, self-locking devices, low-stretch braided core ropes, safety lines, connectors, shock absorbers, industrial safety helmets, we also use temporary and permanent belaying systems such as, for example, a lifeline. The training covers the rope access system based on the PN-EN 12841 standard.

The course program provides complete, theoretical and practical preparation for work in the field of rope access.

The training includes topics such as:

  • characteristics of work at height and the associated risks
  • preparation of the workplace and planning activities
  • personal protective equipment (PPE), their selection, use and control
  • learning to tie knots used in rope access
  • daily equipment check before use and maintenance
  • system for handling double ropes: working and belaying
  • ways of moving on the ropes: ascent and descent
  • moving along exposed horizontal and oblique sections
  • hanging shock and fall factor
  • work in a narrow or small position
  • crossing the rope protection, transfer from rope to rope
  • use of the bench at work
  • causes and prevention of typical accidents
  • risk assessment and plan B, iOZ
  • solving simple emergency situations (evacuation from the descender)
  • free fall distance estimation (deceleration and total fall)
  • harmful factors occurring in work at height
  • principles of evacuation, auto-rescue at height
  • current standards and regulations regarding the safety of work at height
  • health and safety regulations in force during work.

Duration of training: 2 days, in small groups, most of the time practical.

After completing the training, the trainee receives

Certificate confirming the completion of ERGON training in Polish and English, recognized in Poland and abroad, based on the BS7985 standard. The center issues certificates in the form of: a plastic card with a hologram and an image in English or a paper card in A4 format with a hologram and image (Polish-English). The certificates contain a detailed description of the obtained qualifications to work at height.


To sign up for altitude course in the field of rope access, the following requirements must be met:

  • 18 years or older
  • education, at least basic
  • physical fitness to a degree enabling work at height
  • altitude tests issued by an occupational medicine physician

Course price

The resort offers a very favorable price for kuru. We have prepared attractive discounts for larger groups. A detailed price offer can be found here In case of additional questions please contact us at the number: +48 22 290 29 09 or email: biuro@platformaedukacji.pl our employees will answer them in detail.

Where are the trainings taking place?

Activities in ERGON centre are conducted by certified instructors and examiners with the highest qualifications. Rope access high altitude training is conducted in the Training Hall of our ERGON Operator Training Centre in Warsaw Ursus at 5/272A Gierdziejewskiego Street. The Centre implements practical training in the hall with the use of equipment by PETZL, among others, on a specialist structure H=12m x W 7m X L10m, which meets the requirements of OTDL, IRATA. The equipment includes industrial ladders, platforms and trusses as well as certified anchor points, (fixed belay points). The organiser provides food and drinks.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We invite you to participate in our training!

Why is it worth training?

Training to work at height using mountaineering techniques, completed with the acquisition of rope access qualifications, helps to gain high-paid employment both in Poland and abroad. The course gives you the opportunity to work for min. in industrial sectors such as: construction, mobile telephony, energy, mining; in high bay warehouses.

We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of other mountaineering training courses organized by our center: construction access training and IRATA altitude training.