The course is a preparation for obtaining qualifications in the profession of a conservator of handling equipment. Applies to movable platforms of the "KP" category - masted and stationary. Owning UDT qualifications in this regard, it is possible to carry out repairs, maintenance works and compulsory inspections of these devices in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Maintenance technicians with UDT qualifications are specialists who are wanted to work in, among others, construction, transport and repair companies, in warehouses.

Detailed information on the mast and stationary platform course

The training program is designed to convey maximum theoretical and practical knowledge. Practical classes are an integral part of it, during which instructors teach students how to maintain devices in accordance with their individual needs.

Participants have at their disposal from 38 to 96 hours of classes, during which they will learn about the issues necessary to pass the state examination. This information concerns, among others, the construction of stationary and masted platforms, their operation, methods of removing the most common faults, cleaning platforms, using instructions and technical documentation. They will also learn about the conservator's duties resulting from health and safety regulations and the act on technical inspection.

Practical information:

  • When the classes start: the current schedule is published on the website
  • Where are the classes held? Lectures are held at the Center's headquarters in Warsaw or at one of its branches throughout Poland. Participants can also use maneuvering areas with equipment provided by the Center.
  • Who can attend: the courses are intended for people who are 18 years of age or older, have at least basic education and are in a state of health that allows them to work in the profession.
  • How to sign up for classes: you can book a place on a selected course on the website
  • Training for companies: at the request of business customers, we can organize a UDT maintenance course for company employees. Please contact us by phone or e-mail for details.

UDT exam and qualifications

Course for mobile platforms stationary and mast-mounted is completed with an examination conducted by the Office of Technical Transport. Participants do not have to register for the exam - we do it on their behalf and we also deal with other organizational matters. The exam is conducted close to the date of the training. It consists of a theoretical and practical part, during which you must demonstrate knowledge of the construction of the device, regulations, as well as the ability to carry out repairs and maintenance.

UDT qualifications in the field of maintenance are awarded for five years. They are in the form of a plastic card to be used when taking up employment in the profession and also when providing services as a company.

Conservators of handling equipment can work on their own or on a full-time basis, performing mandatory technical inspections, maintaining equipment documentation, and removing current faults.