The Office of Technical Inspection is a state institution whose purpose is to ensure the safe operation of technical devices and installations. Both UDT Warszawa and other offices present in each large city are responsible for confirming the ability to perform activities and knowledge of the conditions related to the standards, legal and technical regulations of supervision for employees in positions where the service of technical devices is required, granting them the appropriate UDT qualifications ( Office of Technical Inspection).

To perform the work, you need certified UDT authorizations, without which the employee has no right to operate the devices. For this purpose, employees must follow a UDT course covering both theoretical and practical knowledge, i.e. including independent operation and maintenance of machines, and then take the exam.

Among the equipment that requires the authorization of the Office of Technical Inspection, there are:

  • mobile platforms (aerial platforms) - qualifications are granted for a basket lifts of category IP and II P. Depending on what mobile platforms are used, appropriate qualifications are required
  • overhead cranes controlled from the working and cabin levels
  • rail, tower and portable HDS cranes
  • goods and construction lifts
  • winches from the working level and from the cabin
  • equipment for filling and emptying tanks, handling containers
  • Freight and passenger ski lifts and cableways
  • track pavers
  • forklifts - forklift licenses are granted as related to UDT or not

To operate the presented equipment, the employee must complete training and receive appropriate permissions. An employee is prepared for the state examination of the UDT during the course, and then, after successfully passing it, he / she receives qualifications.

Legal basis:

  • Act of December 21, 2000 on technical inspection (Journal of Laws No. 122, item 1321, as amended)
  • Regulation of the Minister of Economy on the procedure for checking qualifications required for the operation and maintenance of technical devices of July 18, 2001 (Journal of Laws No. 79, item 849), amended regulation of February 20, 2003 (Journal of Laws No. 50, item 426), issued on the basis of art. 23 sec. 5 of the act on technical inspection.

Especially for employees who want to obtain the qualifications of the Office of Technical Inspection, we have prepared a wide range of trainings. Our UDT trainings are conducted by experienced specialists in their field, thanks to which they cover extensive theoretical knowledge and practice. We provide closed and open UDT trainings, also tailored specifically to the needs of our clients.

We invite you to UDT courses to ERGON Personnel Training Center! We operate throughout the country. We have training centers in:

  • Warsaw
  • Katowice (Silesia branch)
  • Cracow
  • Bielsko-Biala

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