To obtain entitlements to work with electricity, heat and gas networks, installations and equipment, you must attend a training course and take an examination before one of the certification boards.

Certification committees:

  • SEP - Association of Polish Electrical Engineers
  • PSE - Polish Electrical Installation Association
  • SIMP - Society of Polish Mechanical Engineers
  • SITPS or SITSpoż - Society of Engineers and Technicians of the Food Industry

The thematic scope of the examination for certification is defined by the Regulation of the Minister of Economy, Labour and Social Policy of 28 April 2003, depending on the installations, equipment and networks of electricity, energy or gas.

The examination is oral and during the examination the participant is expected to demonstrate his or her knowledge in the relevant area. The board before which the examination takes place consists of a chairman, deputy chairman, members and a secretary. The regulations indicate that the detailed subject matter of the examination shall be determined by the board and notified in writing to the applicants for confirmation of qualification at least 14 days before the date of the examination.

Sample exam topics:

  • provisions of legal acts
  • standards
  • construction of equipment
  • operation of equipment
  • job and company instructions
  • labour code
  • principles of first aid

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