Loading mobile platforms are used to raise and lower goods on truck trailers. They are characterised by hydraulic components and the fact that they naturally lift cargo and people upwards. They are used in warehouses, shops, factories or on construction sites. Of course, in order to use them legally and safely, these devices need to be serviced regularly.

loading platform photo

Maintenance of the loading platforms is not costly or complicated. In addition, the platforms are characterised by low operating costs. High-quality materials, near-perfect workmanship and well-thought-out details contribute to this and guarantee low running costs. When it comes to installing a loading lift, not much space is required. The platform arms are quite short, while the mounting fins are attached to the support tube. As a result, installation is not complicated and is relatively comfortable. If one considers the maintenance-free and low-maintenance (lubrication) bearings, as well as the stainless steel pins with very high strength, we are dealing with a smoothly and efficiently operating device that is extremely helpful when loading/unloading goods.

Close Transport Equipment (UTB), in particular loading platformscan be maintained by trained professionals who have the appropriate entitlements (UDT) and qualifications. Throughout the course, special emphasis is placed on improving practical skills.

How to operate loading platforms?

Today's text focuses on maintenance. However, it is also worth mentioning the operation of these machines in passing. Operating the loading platforms is not difficult at all; one could say it is trouble-free and simple. Thanks to the double fault protection and separate control circuits for external operation, they are even pleasant to work on.

How do you work on such platforms?

Firstly, the platform control is foot operated. Tilting, on the other hand, doesn't require much work as it is automatic and the bearing doesn't even need lubrication. As for levelling, it performs itself - during lifting, and this is all thanks to the pressure transformer.

Where is the device driver located?

It is housed in a box. To protect workers, the box is equipped with a self-closing lid. In addition, the switches are waterproof and easy to operate even with gloves.


It has to be said that maintenance is just as simple as operation, and perhaps even simpler! Not only is it economical, but the running costs are really not high. This is all thanks to the quality of the platforms. A loading platform that is maintained in good condition and created from high-quality materials does not need much. Therefore, maintenance is usually easy and undemanding. Likewise, there is not much work to do with the installation of the platform, as it does not require much space. The platform is characterised by its short arms and mounting fins, which are screwed to the support tube.

Entitlement news:

The Office of Technical Inspection is responsible for issuing authorisations. The entitlement is a confirmation of skills and knowledge of the technical conditions of technical supervision, the applicable legal provisions of standards.