worker in harness on roof

Are you an employee who works at heights? Or an employer who cares about the safety of their employees? Then come along to our harness course! The individual approach to the course enables the participant to be fully and professionally prepared for working at heights. 

What can you learn on the course? 

During the training course, we will present a wide range of issues concerning working at height with the use of construction harnesses. You will learn about, among other things: 

building harness courses
  • basic provisions of Polish and European law, 
  • physical factors occurring during work at height, 
  • estimation and assessment of occupational risk and elimination of threats in a given position,
  • assessment of the workplace, threats and methods of protection at a given position, 
  • selection of personal protective equipment dedicated to the workplace, 
  • methodology for safe work at height, 
  • practical techniques for working with construction harnesses.

We invite people who meet the following conditions: 

being 18 years of age or older current research entitling to work over 3m good physical and psychophysical condition 

Who we are? 

We have been training our clients for 20 years. We offer comprehensive training services for various professional groups. Our offer includes UDT courses and other training for specialists, fitters, operators and maintainers. You will not only acquire the required skills with us, but you will also learn how to work safely!   

UDT qualifications

What else we offer: 

  • training in occupational health and safety and fire safety, 
  • courses on the operation and maintenance of UDT machines, including aerial and scissor lifts, forklifts, telescopic handlers, cranes, HDS cranes, 
  • modernisation, 
  • the sale of equipment (both new and used), 
  • the possibility of hiring replacement equipment (forklift or scissor lift). 

Do you have any questions? 

Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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