UDT and TDT qualificationsIf we are going to operate container trucks, they will be indispensable for us entitlements. Usually, employers promote an employee to the position of a reach truck operator and want the person to be qualified to do so. However, you can be prepared in advance and do the course. Thanks to this, we will expand our competences and increase our chances of employment. Training for a container truck operator is conducted ERGON Personnel Training Center.

Requirements to start training

The ERGON Personnel Training Center organizes a course, thanks to which you can acquire the license of a forklift operator for container manipulation. A person wishing to become a training participant must meet the basic requirements. First of all, such a person must be of legal age. She should also have at least primary education. In addition, it is important that she has no health contraindications for using this type of device. It is worth having a category B driving license, which will help you learn to use a wheelchair. In turn, category C will allow the participant to drive the machine on public roads. If we meet all the requirements, it is easy to sign up for the course.

Topics of classes

Our training guarantees both theoretical and practical learning. Solid training is the basis for a successful exam and, consequently, for acquiring qualifications. Here are the issues we discuss during the course:

IssueBrief overview
Technical inspectionThe participant learns about the rules of supervision and legal standards that are regulated by the authorities - UDT and TDT.
Cargo transportationGetting to know the parameters of the transport.
Construction of the deviceTrainees learn how the container trolley is designed and know what the instruments are for.
Health and SafetyLearning about health and safety regulations and activities that must be performed before and after operating the machine.
PracticePerforming operations on the device by participants, incl. driving the trolley, moving the container.

Therefore, we have a full range of topics that we can learn thanks to the training in our Center. Theoretical knowledge will be applicable to driving the truck, which is why it is so necessary. Importantly, it is required by UDT and TDT. Our company guarantees full training in this field.

Kalmar container trolley


As we already know, in order to be authorized to operate a container truck, you first need to pass an exam. After completing all training activities, you can start it. Usually, the exam can be taken approximately two weeks after the end of the training. The waiting period depends on a specific branch of the Office of Technical Inspection or Transport Technical Inspection. The exam consists of a theoretical part, which requires knowledge of the concepts learned in the course, and a practical part - operations on the device are performed there. A positive result of the exam will ensure the acquisition of qualifications.

What makes us stand out?

The ERGON Personnel Training Center has experienced and qualified staff who will train you properly. Learning with us is pleasant and interesting thanks to various forms of activating the participants. The equipment on which we conduct the courses is modern. This also contributes to the ease of its use by students. We explain everything thoroughly, and if necessary - we discuss a given issue again, if it is not understood. The above-mentioned topics can be freely developed depending on the needs of our clients. The training can be open or closed. The former means that it is available to anyone interested and is organized on the date specified in our schedule. In turn, the closed form is best suited to your needs. We organize it for specific groups, e.g. from one workplace.


Our Center guarantees that the price of the training is competitive and profitable for your pocket! We set it individually, because we adjust it to the number of course participants. We also offer discounts for organized groups. We are open to negotiations, so we leave you a free hand in this case. We conduct the course for the operator of container handling trucks in our branches. However, if you prefer to conduct training in your workplace, no problem. We are able to get anywhere in Poland!

Operator of container handling equipment

Who issues the allowances?

Let's start with where exactly we are dealing with container handling carts. They can be located in port terminals and rail transshipment terminals. In this case, the authorizations are issued by Transport Technical Supervision. In other situations, we can apply for a certificate of qualifications at the Office of Technical Inspection. Regardless of where we will use the container truck, we will acquire qualifications thanks to the training. For those with TDT, no specific category is required. Characteristics of container trucks

A Reachstaker is a trolley that can carry goods weighing up to 45 tons. The lifting height in this device can be up to sixteen meters. Container trolleys are designed to withstand such weights. They are commonly referred to as "calamari" because Kalmar is the name of a leading company that produces this type of device. There are the most strollers of this brand on the market, but there are also others, such as Konecranes. Nevertheless, "squids" are the most common in transhipment transport, so it is worth learning the practical skills on these devices.

We can confidently guarantee - we will train you in the use of reachstakers so that this knowledge will pay off in the future! Are you interested in this offer? Any questions? We invite you to arrange specific dates and determine the price of the course!