Technical supervision over the stacker craneThe storage stacker crane is a device that is subject to technical supervision. It is important to properly maintain it and use it in accordance with its intended use. However, these activities cannot be performed if we are not authorized to do so. The certificate of qualifications is issued by the Office of Technical Inspection after the training and passing the exam. When dealing with stacker cranes, be sure to get hold of entitlementsso as not to be surprised when inspected.

What is a stacker crane?

The stacker crane is used to fully automate the storage of materials. As the name suggests, this device arranges goods in warehouses, although this is not its only function. The stacker crane can also pick up products from the racks itself - they are usually placed in containers or on pallets. It is also used in transport. The principle of operation of this device is largely based on the operation of a microprocessor. This electronic part is the heart of the stacker crane as it is responsible for receiving commands that are sent by the system that manages the entire warehouse. The stacker crane consists of a set of sensors, axle motors and grapple motors. These grippers are placed on racks. The operations performed by this device are part of a combined cycle. On the one hand, the stacker crane takes the goods from the input conveyor and transports them to the designated location. We can also deal with the opposite situation, where the device takes the product from the rack and places it on the conveyor or other designated place.

Modes of operation

Each facility that uses a stacker crane has different needs and requirements. Depending on this, different operating modes of this device are used. The first and most popular is the automatic mode. In this case, the products are arranged and retrieved using a microprocessor or PLC, i.e. Programmable Logic Controler. This can be translated in Polish as a programmable logic controller. The PLC is housed in the control cabinet. All controllers located in the warehouse are coordinated by the warehouse control system. The next mode is semi-automatic, which combines manual and automated applications. This method involves the use of a computer by an operator who sends commands to the stacker cranes. The operator's task is to enter individual coordinates so that the device moves the goods to the right place. Thanks to this, it is possible to relocate products. The last mode of operation is manual, in which the operator controls the stacker crane while in the cabin. The device moves at low speed and is controlled by manual mechanisms. Ladders and ropes protect the operator in the event of a possible fall out.

Technical inspection of stacker cranes

stacker cranesThe Office of Technical Inspection carries out various types of tests to check whether the device is used in the right way. Periodic inspection that takes place every now and then is possible - it is determined after the end of the previous one. During this process, it is checked that the stacker crane has not suffered any damage. This is important because they can have further consequences and resulting dangers. The operation of safety devices is also checked and that the appropriate markings are attached. UDT may also carry out an operational test. They are carried out when there is a need to replace an element, repair, modernize or install a stacker crane in a new place. The test confirms that one of these processes has been performed correctly and has no negative impact on the use of the device. The last type of supervision is carried out after equipment failure or a personal accident. After an accident or breakdown test, it is determined in what condition the device is after such an incident.

Operating a warehouse stacker crane is an important skill when working in a warehouse. You cannot perform operations on this device without the necessary permissions. Proper training is provided ERGON Personnel Training Center. Participants will learn the basics of Health and Safetythe principles of the stacker crane and the responsibilities of the operator. The course ends with an examination before a qualification board appointed by the Office of Technical Inspection. Training takes place in our branches in Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice and Bielsko-Biała. The course price is determined on the basis of the number of participants taking part in the course. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or via the contact form.