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Safe maintenance of firefighting equipment 

We provide training in firefighting equipment maintenance. We use the knowledge and experience of our lecturers and instructors to provide you with the material/curriculum for the fire extinguisher equipment maintenance course. In our classes, the lecturers carry out an assessment of the correct technical condition of fire extinguishers and also show you how to restore their operational functions. The maintenance of this type of equipment requires specialised knowledge and skills, so you should be one hundred per cent focused in our classes. 

Obligation to maintain firefighting equipment 

Anyone in possession of fire-fighting equipment or fire extinguishers is obliged to subject them to maintenance in accordance with the principles laid down in the Polish Standards for fire-fighting equipment and fire extinguishers. We should not carry out technical inspections and maintenance activities less frequently than once a year, or better: in accordance with the instructions laid down by the manufacturer. In the first phase of a fire, the handy firefighting equipment. We then use fire extinguishers, small fire extinguishing units or fire extinguishing balls or blankets. Fire extinguishing balls disperse the contained extinguishing material within a radius of 5m. 

Fire equipment maintenance training topics: 

  • professional ethics, 
  • standards and legislation, 
  • Health and Safety during maintenance operations, 
  • construction and operation of portable and mobile fire extinguishers, 
  • maintenance activities. 

Technical fire protection requirements 

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Each extinguisher should be regularly maintained according to the manufacturer's recommendations. As far as the standards are concerned, maintenance of an extinguisher in Poland should take place every 12 months if it is a maintenance technician with a licence for hand-held firefighting equipment. Depending on the type of work, the maintenance interval may be shorter. Not everyone is aware of this, so it is worth reminding again. Maintenance of fire extinguishers must only be carried out by authorised persons! The manufacturer issues maintenance instructions and these should be taken as supreme! 

Purpose of fire extinguisher maintenance training 

To impart knowledge on the maintenance and operation of hand-held firefighting equipment to all our students. 

What will you get from us during the training? 

  • Detailed instructions for the inspection, maintenance and repair of portable and mobile fire extinguishers. 
  • Competences: knowledge and skills which are preparation for the examination. 


After passing the examination, the trainee is awarded a certificate of competence in the maintenance of portable firefighting equipment. 


The price depends on the number of participants enrolled in our classes. Individual clients and organised groups are welcome. In the case of organised groups, we offer travel to the client if a sufficient number of people is gathered. 

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Where you can find us 

We have centres in various regions of Poland. For more information - please do not hesitate to contact us.

Trainees will gain practical skills: 

  • carrying out periodic and control inspections of portable fire-fighting equipment, including fire extinguishers of various types, 
  • carry out maintenance and repair work, including dismantling and assembling equipment, replacing extinguishing agent and marking equipment. 

Operation of the extinguisher 

A fire extinguisher consists of 3 components: a valve, an extinguishing agent and a pressure vessel. We divide fire extinguishers into types based on what their composition is. Hand-held extinguishers work by storing an extinguishing agent inside them, which is released outwards towards the fire source. 

Mandatory inspections 

Regular maintenance of equipment such as: 

  • fixed and semi-permanent fire-fighting systems, 
  • internal hydrants and associated system components, 
  • portable and mobile fire extinguishers, 
  • fire doors and gates, 
  • smoke extraction devices, 
  • evacuation lighting installations and components, 
  • warning systems and voice messaging for security. 

To inspect or repair fire extinguishers, this task should be outsourced to specialist companies or fire equipment maintainers who are qualified and will carry out the inspection in accordance with all safety standards. Often fire extinguishing equipment is used by people who have no experience in firefighting or handling this equipment. We take the opportunity to address such incidents and would like to invite you to ERGON Personnel Training Center for a course in firefighting equipment maintenance, in which we provide specialised training. Find out the details of the offer by contacting us by phone or email.  

About the work of the firefighting equipment maintainer 

Safety is of the utmost importance to everyone, which is why fire-fighting equipment inspections should only be carried out by a person who is competent to do so. entitlements. Confirmation that maintenance, repair or overhaul of the equipment has been carried out is provided by the maintenance man signing a protocol. On the other hand, fire extinguishers or hydrants should be given an update mark - a so-called inspection tag. This is usually a sticker with the name of the company, the name and signature of the maintainer and the date on which the inspection was carried out and valid. 

Our training 

We also invite you to our ERGON centre for training courses in, among other things, forklifts, mobile platforms, cranes, tower cranes and HDS or fibre optic welding.

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