Brazing is a popular method of joining metals. An inseparable connection is created. Various equipment can be used for soldering, e.g. electric soldering irons. The soldering process is used for copper pipes, which are gas or water installations. We divide soldering into soft and hard. Precision is very important in soldering.

The metal is held together with what is known as a solder, i.e. a binder. Soldering is slightly different from welding. The ends of the pipes are heated. The soldering iron itself is small and easy to use.

Soft soldering

Easily fusible solder is used. The binder is an alloy of tin with cadmium or lead. Soft soldering is the most common type of soldering. Both experienced professionals and amateurs can solder. Soft solder takes various forms, i.e. a wire, a stick or a plate.


Soft and hard solderingThe high temperature of brazing is approx. 450 degrees Celsius. Industrial soldering is quite complicated. In this case, an ordinary soldering iron will not be enough. When brazing, the following are used:

  • blowtorch
  • blacksmith's fire
  • oxygen-acetylene burner