The training is dedicated to all aspects of a metal scaffolder. In order to work in this position, you will need to obtain a formal entitlements scaffolding assembler, which is only issued after passing an examination before a commission appointed by the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining. A person with the relevant qualification can become a construction worker responsible for preparing the site for the construction of the structure, the selection of auxiliary elements and the installation of the scaffolding itself - the scaffolding assembler. Trust us and passing the state exam will not be difficult! 

Prerequisites needed to start the course 

Authorization to install building scaffolding may be obtained by a person who: 

  • is over the age of 18, 
  • has a minimum of basic education, 
  • holds a valid medical certificate for work at a height of more than 3 metres. 

Additional criteria 

A person wishing to start in this position must not have a fear of heights - this is the first and probably most important requirement, as the work takes place at considerable heights mainly outdoors, although there are occasional assignments inside tall buildings. Another required skill is reading technical plans. A good fitter is characterised by conscientiousness, accuracy and the ability to work as part of a team - such a person must be aware that his or her actions affect the safety of many people around the scaffolding. 

The thematic scope of the course 

The course offered by ERGON provides knowledge about: 

  • regulations Health and Safety related to the assembly and use of scaffolding; 
  • creating technical documentation; 
  • ways of preparing the site for installation; 
  • rules for the construction of scaffolding made of system tubing and steel; 
  • technologies used in assembly; 
  • methods of technical condition control; 
  • how to safely dismantle scaffolding. 

Scaffolding fitter's qualifications 

ERGON Personnel Training Center is accredited by the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining to conduct a comprehensive vocational course for metal scaffolding erectors. Once you have passed the state examination, you will receive a certificate and an entry in the Working Machinery Operator's Booklet. 

Worth knowing 

construction work

Scaffolding is not only used in construction or renovation work, but it is also used at concerts and events - the stage is also the appropriate lighting and visual effects that are installed at heights. We can therefore conclude that a scaffolding installer will find work in almost every part of Poland, so don't wait and sign up for training today. 

Why is it worth becoming a scaffolding fitter? 

The job of a scaffolding fitter ensures easy and quick finding of a job, also abroad. People with specialist qualifications cannot complain about the lack of job offers. The Polish construction industry is constantly developing, therefore there is no shortage of employment opportunities as an installer. 

How much does a scaffolding fitter earn? 

The earnings of a scaffolder in Poland can be classified as good. Abroad, for example in Germany or France, a scaffolder can expect to earn twice as much. However, it should be remembered that the more experienced and trained the worker, the higher the hourly rate.   

Duties of a scaffolder for building and construction work 

The main tasks are: 

  • selection of the components of the planned construction and checking their quality, 
  • site preparation for the installation, 
  • assembling and dismantling building scaffolding while observing the necessary safety rules, 
  • reading technical plans, 
  • ancillary work. 

Conditions for professional assembly 

Before any work on the scaffolding can begin, the construction must be approved by the site manager or other designated and authorised person, and this must be confirmed by an entry in the site log. To ensure that the erected installation meets safety standards, it is important to bear in mind: 

  • assembly of the scaffolding in accordance with the requirements specified in the manufacturer's instructions or an individual project; 
  • inspection of the technical condition of even the smallest element - a distorted or bent rod or an element covered with rust cannot be used; 
  • securing the installation by anchoring it to the building and grounding it. 

Place of training 

Scaffolder training courses are held in various locations throughout the country - we organise training in, among others, Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Poznań, Rzeszów, Lublin, Łódź and Bielsko-Biała. We also offer closed-door training, which takes place at a location convenient to the client by prior arrangement. 


At ERGON, we guarantee a professional approach and a reasonable price. We have provided promising discounts for larger groups. For more information on prices, please contact contacting us by phone. 

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Why is it worth training with ERGON? 

By completing the training we organise, you can acquire the necessary knowledge to erect scaffolding independently and safely. The course we offer provides theoretical and practical preparation for the job. During training, we focus on the comprehensive qualification of our trainees. There is a noticeable tightening of safety regulations in the construction industry - the result of this is a growing demand for specialists with the right permits and authorisations. In order to legally practise this profession, you must have a qualification approved by the institutions set up for this purpose. Scaffolders who have completed a scaffolding assembly course will receive a certificate of completion, a state licence after passing an examination and an entry in the scaffolding operator's book, which confirms that they are qualified to work as a scaffolder. 

In addition, we offer courses for the operator and maintenance of UDT machines, as well as training in occupational health and safety and fire safety.