Is it worth becoming a fiber welder?For many years in the world, and for several years in Poland, we have been observing an increase in interest in fiber optic technology and its increased implementation by telecommunications companies. Therefore, the demand of those companies for highly trained specialists - installers of fiber optic networks is growing rapidly. One of the most important features - advantages of an installer, very desirable in this profession is the ability to perform fiber optic splices.  

Therefore, ERGON company, understanding the current situation on the labor market, organizes fiber optic welding courses and, thanks to a professional approach, successfully trains specialized staff in this profession. The conducted trainings are intended not only for experienced installers, but also for all those willing to acquire knowledge and skills of a future optical fiber welder. 

Welding optical fibers is not a complicated or difficult task in itself, but it requires accuracy and precision in performing the step-by-step procedure of joining them. It is true that this is a technologically advanced process due to the construction of the optical fibers themselves and requires the use of specialized equipment in the form of welders, optical power meters, fiber optic cutters, etc., this is not a secret knowledge and is available to anyone who wants to. Such knowledge can be acquired during trainings conducted, among others, at ERGON, where we will learn not only about the issues related to the welding itself, but also the general knowledge about fiber optic technology will be presented to us more broadly. 


During the course, thanks to the highly qualified staff of instructors, we will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the proper conduct of operations in the process of welding optical fibers. We will get acquainted with the types of fiber optic cables and their construction structure. We will learn about the instruments, tools and techniques of using them in the preparation of the installation immediately before making the weld. We will learn about the multitude of existing types of fiber optic welding machines models and the differences between them resulting mainly from their limitations in terms of precision and quality of welds performed. We will get acquainted with example devices, their operating instructions, the possibilities of a given welding machine, its functions, as well as programmed options for connecting optical fibers. We will also learn the final evaluation of the quality of the weld made by us based on visual inspection as well as the correct interpretation of the result of the estimated diagnosis carried out by the device - the welder.

  • Is it worth becoming a fiber welder?
  • Is it worth investing in yourself really, not a lot of time needed to participate in the training?
  • Is it worth learning a new profession with limited financial resources?
The answer seems to be unambiguous and obvious. And it really should be. Taking into account the current situation on the labor market and the growing demand for specialists in this profession, directly related to the growing involvement of telecommunications companies and the scale with which we are dealing with the transition to fiber optic technology, we can assume that this state of affairs will continue for many years. That being said, the answer should be yes! Absolutely! Become a fiber optic welder!

ERGON has been involved in various types of professional training for many years. Thanks to this, it has extensive experience acquired during its operation. ERGON has the appropriate social and technical staff to conduct didactic classes, thanks to which it is able to organize and adapt its trainings, taking into account the individual needs of individual and group clients.

Training participants can count on:  

  • The number of hours of practical and theoretical classes specified when purchasing (stationary or online)
  • Training materials in electronic form for some courses in paper form
  • Access to a training platform with knowledge tests and additional materials
  • Access to various types of facilities, equipment provided Health and Safetyharnesses, waistcoats, etc. during practical activities
  • Conducting an external examination (does not apply to those trainings for which an examination is not planned)
  • According to the employer's needs, confirmation of completion of the training / examination in the form of a simplified supplement
  • Refreshments during breaks: coffee, tea, cookies
  • Assistance in accommodation, organization of meals - on the basis of separate arrangements

Course price

The resort offers a very favorable price for kuru. We have prepared attractive discounts for larger groups. A detailed price offer can be found here In case of additional questions please contact us at the number: +48 22 290 29 09 or email: our employees will answer them in detail.