Overhead cranes are classified as crane equipment. They are used in shipbuilding, metallurgy, construction and production plants. They are used for horizontal and vertical transport of usually very heavy objects. Even the smallest malfunction or failure can result in the necessity to immobilise the equipment and in work stoppages. In order to avoid such situations, and to ensure that they do not happen too often, overhauls and inspections of overhead travelling cranes should only be carried out by proven professionals.

Maintenance of cranes


Overhead crane inspections

The frequency of inspections of cranes is specified in their operating instructions. If this is not available, inspections are carried out on the basis of technical knowledge of the standards and the technical condition of the machine. During the inspection, all machine components and parts are checked. They are checked for correct operation, wear and tear and other parameters that affect operational safety and efficiency.



Crane maintenance is the replacement of operating fluids, hydraulic hoses and other components that may have worn out during the use of the machine. Maintenance is a preventive measure designed to prevent or slow down the wear and tear of the machine. By carrying out regular maintenance, we can keep the equipment in the best possible technical condition.


Overhaul is the most complex service that is carried out for cranes. We can then replace one or many parts. The market offers many spare parts that we can use for repairs, which makes overhaul quite easy to perform. However, there are cases when the damaged parts that need to be replaced are no longer manufactured. Specialised repairers are able to make such parts to order based on a design or documentation.


Modernising overhead travelling cranes usually involves renewing their mechanical structure or power supply system. This allows users of cranes to adjust the parameters of the equipment, for example, to current requirements of technical supervision or location conditions. Crane modernisation includes, among other things, modernisation of the drive system, automation and power supply elements, as well as the control system.

Renovation and repair

repair of cranes

Thanks to the comprehensive overhaul and repair of cranes, we can keep the equipment in good technical condition so that it can be used smoothly and efficiently. This minimises the risk of breakdowns or accidents, which can be very costly.

The overhaul of an overhead crane should be preceded each time by a diagnosis of the equipment. It should not be limited only to fixing the faults reported by the customer.

It is worth calling the crane service if:

  • The manufacturer's specified service life will expire
  • You will notice the first signs of wear on the structural components of the unit
  • We want to extend the scope of the unit's work
  • We want to reduce the cost of regular maintenance
  • There are changes to the current standards or regulations that determine the operation of cranes
  • Current crane capacity is too low to meet demand

Repair of cranes

Repairing equipment leads to upgrading it. Ultimately, it leads to rebuilding the equipment, improving it and making it safer. Typically, hoists, trolleys, control systems and other installations are replaced. Replacement of operator cabins also occurs.