Prohibited activities when operating cranes

The crane operator must remember to comply with operating regulations - failure to comply with all requirements significantly increases the risk of accidents at work. Every crane course covers a thematic block related to health and safety when operating equipment. Among the information provided are those relating to categorically prohibited activities when operating an overhead crane. Among these are:

  • no person may operate the equipment unless he/she is duly authorised to do so by the Office of Technical Inspection
  • it is forbidden to use equipment that is not in working order or without a valid decision from the Office of Technical Inspection or the TADT authorising the work to be carried out
  • it is forbidden to work after the consumption of alcohol and other intoxicating substances or drugs that impair mental and physical performance
  • do not use mismatched slings or damaged slings
  • do not lift loads in excess of the lifting capacity - this may cause an immediate risk to the life or health of the operator and workers on site
  • it is forbidden to lift loads which are located out of the reach of the ruling
  • do not pull loads diagonally
  • it is not permitted to lift those loads and objects which are fixed to the pavement, for example bolted, welded or frozen during the winter period
  • it is forbidden to move loads directly over workers' workstations or over other persons in the workplace
  • the load must not be left on the gripping device without being released
  • it is forbidden to ride or drive over safety links with a trolley, towing vehicle or bridge
  • do not use the wire rope as a load lifting device
  • overload protection must not be used when weighing loads
  • maintenance work, for example lubrication and cleaning, must not be carried out during operation
  • do not carry out any repairs or adjustments to the appliance or its components yourself while it is operating, or without having the necessary authorisation to do so

Any person who applies for entitlements on overhead cranes, should be familiar with all the procedures involved in operating the equipment. Without knowing them, the risk of an accident at work is much higher.


  • work with overhead cranes may only be performed on the basis of a valid decision from the Office of Technical Inspection authorising its operation
  • follow the operating instructions when operating the appliance Health and Safety and operating instructions
  • when the employee notices damage to the equipment, the work must be stopped immediately and the equipment must be put out of action and the persons responsible for its technical condition must be informed


If you are interested in acquiring the necessary authorisations to operate the equipment presented, we cordially invite you to attend a crane course at our ERGON Personnel Training Center. With us, you will become thoroughly familiar with all health and safety issues and the operation of the equipment and will be able to take the examination before the Technical Inspection Authority.

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