Entitlements - validity

To carry out work in connection with the operation of electricity, thermal energy and gaseous fuels networks and equipment, it is necessary to hold the relevant qualifications.

Validity of entitlements - 5 years

Previously entitlements G1, G2, G3 were granted for an unlimited period of time. Subsequently, the regulations have changed several times and entitlements can only be obtained for a limited period of time, so that it is now necessary to renew entitlements in most cases.

Under the new regulations, G1, G2, G3 ratings remain valid for a period of five years. After this time, they should be renewed. This applies in certain cases.

The obligation to recheck qualifications then applies:

  • persons who are qualified but have not worked on the equipment, installations or networks concerned within the last 5 years
  • persons operating equipment, installations or networks, providing services to consumers and entrepreneurs: micro, small and medium-sized

A qualification check can also be performed at the request of the employer.

When can you get your licence after the exam?

A participant who has taken the training and passed the examination can be certified approximately 10 working days after passing the examination.

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