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Main branch:

Directions: Main branch ODK Ergon is located in the Galeria Gawra shopping center on Ip. Local 47 (entrance from the back, second staircase) to easily reach us in the navigation, enter the address: ul. Hermana 1. Behind the Gawra gallery there is a car park for customers. We invite!

ul. Warszawska 58C lok. 47
02-496 Warsaw
tel. +48 22 290 29 09
Mobile phone. +48 504 010 044

Field offices:

Białystok branch

ul. New world 9
15-453 Białystok

Bielsko Biała branch

ul. The Defenders of Węgierska Górka
34-350 Wegierska Górka

Bydgoszcz branch

ul. Old Port 13
85-068 Bydgoszcz

Gdańsk branch

ul. Kołobrzeska 45
80-391 Gdańsk

Gdynia branch

ul. Zbożowa 7
81-020 Gdynia

Katowice branch (Silesia)

ul. Kijowska 51
40-754 Katowice

Krakow Branch (Lesser Poland)

ul. Lepkowskiego 9/23
31-423 Krakow
ul. Wielicka 223
30-663 Krakow
tel. +48 12 626 67 09

Lublin branch

ul. Less than 10
20-080 Lublin

Łódź branch

ul. Piotrowska 121
62-061 Lodz

Poznań branch

ul. Sienkiewicza 20
60-818 Poznań

Szczecin branch

ul. Rugiańska 71
71-653 Szczecin

Wrocław branch

ul. Partnicka 32
53-031 Wroclaw

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