Our centre organises courses for container and pallet transporters, which are commonly used at airports to transport cargo - luggage, pallets, containers, as well as other types of cargo, including non-standard cargo that requires appropriate preparation and facilities.

Anyone interested in taking part in the classes is encouraged to take a closer look at our offer!

Container and pallet transporters used at airports take the form of mobile scissor lifts - these are primarily airport high loader type lifts with diesel or electric drives, as well as airport cargo type lifts - these are used to manipulate pallets and containers to and from storage, racking, trolleys, hi-loaders. They are tailored to transport ULD (unit load device) units for containers and pallets and are manufactured in a wide range of technical variants. Vehicles such as electric airport baggage tractors and diesel tractors are also used for the work.

Workers handling container and pallet transporters must have knowledge and skills regarding the manipulation of loads. The main hazards associated with inadequate equipment handling are related to the mismatch between proper handling methods and failure to observe health and safety rules. Some loads, such as cars, require special care in the selection of appropriate means. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage not only to the load itself, but also to the transport equipment and the aircraft.

Our training courses for aviation personnel cover a wide range of knowledge and skills regarding the operation of transporters and related safety rules. Our classes take into account current regulations and practice in this area, drawing on the extensive experience of our instructors in the field of GSE (Ground Support Equipment) - aircraft ground support equipment and facilities.

Our course on the operation of this type of equipment is a comprehensive preparation for any airport employee, as well as for those wishing to obtain employment as aviation ground staff. We organise training courses for airports - for organised groups as well as for individuals interested in becoming competent in this field.

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