The Office of Technical Inspection awards various types of certificates and provides training. It supervises equipment and issues authorisations for its use. Such equipment includes, for example, cranes, forklifts and cranes. If you are not authorised to use such equipment, you may be fined, so if you want to use it at work, you should do the relevant training as soon as possible.

Technical supervision deviceA few words about technical supervision

It is necessary to start with what technical supervision itself is, because such knowledge is needed so that we are not surprised when we want to acquire authorisations. So, these are activities defined by law to ensure safety in the operation of various technical devices. This is done by the technical supervision units. It is worth remembering that, despite such a process, persons handling this type of equipment are not exempt from the obligation to take care of its quality and condition. Many pieces of handling equipment fall under the supervision of the Technical Supervision Authority, such as: cranes, hoists, overhead travelling cranes, passenger cranes, goods lifts, hoists, forklifts, moving platforms or cable cars. They are all listed in the Technical Supervision Act.

Scope of the UDT's activities

Before finding out how to obtain the authorisations, it is important to know what the Office of Technical Inspection actually does. The scope of the tasks performed is defined in Article 37 of the Act on Technical Supervision. Apart from the supervision itself, of course, we will also find a provision on improving the professional qualifications of technical equipment manufacturers and their users. The UDT also has the task of consulting on the training programme for people performing maintenance on equipment. The office itself carries out such training. It also provides opinions and issues decisions on aspects of technical supervision. It has to verify the qualifications of entities performing technical equipment. In addition, the task of the Office of Technical Inspection is to grant quality certificates for such equipment.

Entitlements - how to obtain?

UTD training

Training is necessary to get it UDT qualifications. This determines a person's qualifications in the use of handling equipment. It also makes it possible to confirm the important aspects needed to operate the equipment, i.e. knowledge of legislation, knowledge of safe use in practice and knowledge of technical conditions. Continuing education centres all over Poland run such courses to acquire qualifications. It should be remembered that such a certificate is issued separately for almost every piece of equipment. The entire training should be conducted by an establishment that is certified and cooperates with the Office of Technical Inspection. Without this, there is no certainty that our authorisations are valid at the time of inspection.

How is the training going?

The course for the acquisition of qualifications must consist of a theoretical part, where the legal regulations and relevant standards are learned. However, the most important thing is practice, because thanks to it the user can use the device and see for himself about possible difficulties. He can face it in the future, if he is properly prepared. The training ends with an exam that may be written or oral. Depending on what devices we want to be entitled to, the conditions for passing the test are different.

The UDT training course is necessary in order to be authorised for handling equipment. If you want to use a forklift or crane without hindrance, you must complete it. This can be done at ERGON Personnel Training Centerwhich cooperates with the Office of Technical Inspection. Classes are held at branches in Warsaw, Katowice, Krakow and Bielsko-Biała. For more details, please contact us by phone or via the contact form available on our website.