The maintenance technician of mobile platforms is a person who carries out ongoing repairs and compulsory inspections of devicesMobile platforms, such as platforms, scissor lifts and others, are devices subject to technical inspection. This means not only the need to have the appropriate permissions to operate them. It also entails the obligation to keep technical documentation of the equipment, regularly carry out inspections, and more. Only a maintenance technician authorized by UDT can perform repairs and inspections of mobile platforms.

Such entitlements can be obtained by taking part in a course organized by our Center and by taking the exam before the UDT commission. The scope of topics covered during the training corresponds to the examination requirements of the Office, and thanks to the experience and appropriate approach of the instructors of the maintenance of platforms, even people without experience can learn.

Information on the Mobile Work Platform Maintenance course

The training covers maintenance of devices from the category of mobile platforms. These include the popular aerial work platforms, i.e. lifts, as well as scissor lifts. People who would like to obtain qualifications for other handling devices, please see the offer of other courses - information here.

As part of the classes, participants will learn, among others:

  • How are aerial platforms and other mobile platforms built, how they work
  • What are the applicable technical inspection regulations
  • What are the obligations of the maintenance technician in the field of equipment inspections and repairs?
  • What are the typical faults in mobile platforms and how are they removed?
  • What rules Health and Safety apply to the operation of
  • How to use the manual and technical documentation
  • How should the technical condition of mobile platforms be maintained?
  • Mechanical part, including hydraulic
  • Hi Electric

Apart from lectures, course participants also take part in practical classes.

The training is intended for adults, with at least basic education, in good health, allowing them to take the exam and perform work. We do not require experience, but certified practice in the use of mobile platforms can shorten the time needed to complete the training.

Qualifications exam

UDT course maintenance technician of aerial work platforms - the increase is completed with an examination carried out by the UDT commission. The exam takes place at the seat of the Center or at the place where classes are conducted. Students do not have to register for the exam themselves - all organizational issues are dealt with by the representatives of the Center.

The qualifications are checked by taking a written test and an oral exam. After passing both parts, the Office of Technical Inspection issues the conservator with a qualification certificate valid for 5 years.Work as a conservator of mobile platforms requires obtaining UDT qualifications

Working with the qualifications of the maintenance technician of mobile platforms

Having a qualification certificate, the conservator can perform repairs of movable platforms and compulsory technical inspections. Such inspections are performed regularly and also before the device is allowed to use. UDT equipment conservators are employed by large construction, transport and repair companies, as well as mobile platform rentals. Many licensed people also start their own business, performing repairs and maintenance commissioned by other companies.

The surge restorer course - details

Classes for people with no experience last from 38 to 96 hours. For people who have already worked with mobile platforms, for example as operators, this time may be shorter.

Trainings are conducted regularly in several locations - in Warsaw, Krakow, Silesia and other large cities. Detailed information on this subject can be found on our website It is a system for booking places on courses, you can also make a payment via this website.

In case of individual questions or a desire to organize a closed training for the company please contact us by e-mail or by phone.