Maintenance of hydraulic lifts (lifts)
Maintenance of facilities for the disabled
Operation of general and / or special purpose cranes, hoists and winches
Maintenance of electric lifts
Maintenance of loading platforms, including passenger transport
Maintenance of escalators and moving walks
Maintenance of hoists for lifting loads
Maintenance of cableways and ski lifts
Service of mobile mobile platforms
Maintenance of mobile mobile platforms
Handling of manipulators and grippers - vacuum in crane slings
Service of tower and quick-assembly cranes, including rail cranes
Operation of warehouse stacker cranes
Service of lifting slings
Maintenance of loading cranes - portable
Operation and maintenance of specialized forklift trucks with variable outreach, the so-called telescopic loaders
Operation of specialized forklift trucks lifting the operator or with a variable reach
Maintenance of jacks mounted on the vehicle, the so-called hook lifts and skippers
Hanging mobile platforms
Operation and maintenance of jacks, the so-called vehicle lifts
Operation of general or special purpose hoists and winches
Support for mast climbing work platforms - self-climbing
Operation of hoists and winches controlled from the working level
Operation and maintenance of lift trucks with mechanical lifting drive
Service and maintenance of mobile, portable, transportable and stationary cranes
Operation and maintenance of stationary cranes
Operation and supervision of electrical equipment, installations and networks
Construction and acceptance of compressed air installations
Work at height using rope access techniques

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