Mobile platforms on railway vehicles are used in the renovation of railway infrastructure This is training you can get after entitlements for maintenance, repair and inspection of platforms mounted on railway vehicles. The course, which combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills, ends with an examination conducted by TDT. Persons who take part in the training and pass the exam with a positive result, receive a certificate valid for 5 years, required in railway companies and companies providing repair services for the railway network.

Mobile platforms mounted on railway vehicles

Repair, maintenance and construction works related to railway or tram infrastructure require the use of specialized equipment. One of the types are platforms - lifts located on railway vehicles moving on rails. They are mainly used for electric traction repair, maintenance and inspection.

Platforms on railway vehicles are equipped with work platforms on which employees can perform their tasks. Due to the placement of the jack on the railway vehicle, the device can easily travel long distances, quickly reaching the place of work.

Qualifications for the maintenance of mobile platforms mounted on railway vehicles

The Transport Technical Supervision is responsible for issuing authorizations for maintenance of platforms on railway vehicles. Qualified conservators use a qualification certificate in the form of a photo card. The allowances are issued for 5 years.

In order to obtain a qualification certificate, it is necessary - in accordance with the Act on Technical Inspection - to complete a maintenance course and pass an exam. The qualifications are checked at our Center or other place where the course is conducted, with the participation of TDT examiners. The dates of our training courses are adjusted to the dates of the exams, thanks to which the students do not have to wait for a long time to check their qualifications. UDT inspectors check the knowledge and skills of candidates by means of a knowledge test and an oral test of practical skills.

The conservator of movable platforms on railway vehicles performs the necessary repairs and inspections Course for mobile platforms on railway vehicles - information

As part of the training, participants learn about the construction of platforms on railway vehicles, their types, the way they operate, steps to ensure the technical efficiency of the equipment and the removal of the most common faults. They also acquire knowledge of technical supervision regulations, principles of Health and Safety, equipment maintenance duties, record keeping, familiarisation with operating instructions. The course programme is in line with the UDT examination requirements.

The duration of the course - theoretical and practical - ranges from approximately 32 to 96 hours, depending on how long the participant takes to master the maintenance skills. The time of practical classes is individually adapted to the needs of the students.

To participate in the course on maintenance of platforms on railway vehicles, you must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have at least basic education
  • Have a medical certificate confirming the absence of health contraindications to work in the profession

All information about the dates of classes, their locations and other organizational details can be found on our website Through this page, you can book a place at a selected training course. People who cannot or do not want to participate in the classroom course can sign up for online classes (only for the theoretical part).