The company "ERGON" specialises in providing courses for operators, maintainers and service technicians. Our offer includes training courses for operators of tower cranes and fast-mounting cranes. Our head office is located in Warsaw, but we train future specialists throughout Poland.

a group of trainees on the manoeuvring area.

Purpose of the training

The aim of our centre is to give you the necessary knowledge and practice to become a crane operator. With ease, our specialists will prepare you to successfully pass the state examination before the commission appointed by the Office of Technical Inspection. Passing the exam will give you new qualifications for your profession.

What does the training at our centre look like?

Classes at our centre are conducted in theoretical form and later in practical form. The knowledge gained in lectures prepares the trainee to perform tasks with the equipment, under the guidance of our specialists. The training programme is kept up to date and we work with modern equipment so that work and learning goes smoothly.

The theoretical part includes knowledge of:

  • technical supervision
  • handling equipment
  • construction of equipment
  • legal and health and safety regulations.

Practical activities consist of tasks such as:

  • operation of the equipment
  • operation of cranes
  • driving on the manoeuvring area.


crane operator in Norway.After completing the training course, the trainee takes an internal examination held at our training centre. The next stage is to take the exam before a commission appointed by the UDT. The exam is similar to the one at the centre; first we take a written test and then we demonstrate our skills on the manoeuvring ground.

Successful completion of the exam provides us with a qualification certificate for the operation of tower and quick-mount cranes. The validity of the certificate is 5 years. If the validity of the document comes to an end, it is sufficient to apply for an extension of the certificate at the Office of Technical Inspection.

The qualification will allow you to operate

  • tower crane (construction crane) lifting a load on a hook that is lowered on a rope from the boom.
  • quick-lift crane (bottom-mounted slewing crane), where the design allows the crane to be ready for use in a short space of time without the need for additional tools and to handle the load on a hook that is lowered on a rope from the crane boom.

Types of tower cranes

A division by type of installation is distinguished:

  • quick-lift cranes (no need for an auxiliary crane)
  • assembled in assemblies (using an auxiliary crane).

A subdivision based on the location of the slewing mechanism divides cranes into:

  • top-rotating, in which the rotation mechanism is located on top of the tower and rotates the boom itself, the tower stands still
  • bottom-rotating, in which the rotation mechanism is mounted at the bottom of the tower and rotates the tower together with the boom.

A division according to the type of base can be distinguished:

  • stationary cranes (anchored to foundations)
  • mobile cranes (rail, wheeled, crawler).

A division by type of boom installed distinguishes:

  • cantilever cranes
  • boom cranes.

Advantages of tower cranes

The tower crane is a machine that enables a wide range of construction and transport work, its main advantages include:

  • improving the execution of tasks on construction sites
  • ability to work on difficult ditched terrain
  • long reach of the boom, providing great operational manoeuvrability
  • high lifting height
  • high precision of work performed
  • simple operation for skilled operators
  • increased productivity in intermittent operation, especially on large construction sites
  • ability to work in adverse weather conditions
  • facilitating communication on the construction site
  • heavy-duty work.

Nowadays on construction work, you cannot do without the use of cranes, this multifunctional machine that easily speeds up any construction work. The numerous advantages of the machine make them one of the most desirable machines on modern construction sites.

How much does a crane operator earn?

The salary for the position of crane operator depends on factors such as the workplace and experience in the position, among others. As of 2022, the average salary in Poland is PLN 5,000 gross per month. Specialists with experience can even count on earnings above PLN 6,500 gross per month.

Abroad, salaries are much higher. It is estimated that professionals with average experience in Norway for 2022 can expect to earn PLN 10,000 gross per month.

a group of trainees on the manoeuvring area.

Conditions for taking the training

  • at least 18 years of age
  • no medical restrictions to work as a crane operator
  • at least primary education.

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Questions and answers

After passing the tower crane operator exam, for how long are professional certificates granted?

The qualification certificate for tower crane operator is awarded for five years.

How do I renew my qualification certificate after the expiry date?

If the validity of the document is coming to an end, it is sufficient to submit an application for the renewal of the certificate to the Office of Technical Inspection.

What remuneration can a tower crane operator in Poland count on?

The median salary for 2022 for a tower crane operator is £5,000 gross per month.

What kind of education do you need to have to join the training?

To take part in the training, you must have at least an elementary education.