Why is it worth training?

Work at height is mountaineering work, so it is very dangerous. They require physical fitness, special training and, above all, knowledge. Industrial rope access mountaineering is a type of work that allows the use of rope techniques. Specialised skills are therefore needed to ensure that a dangerous fall does not occur. Specific training is needed to get started in rope access. A course in rope access is offered, among others, by ERGON, i.e. the Personnel Improvement Centre. Experts have been trained for 25 years. In a professional manner, you can acquire entitlements mountaineering. Two ropes are used in rope access: safety and working ropes. Industrial mountaineers are indispensable in the professional market, because only they, after receiving appropriate training, can perform difficult work professionally and safely.

Who are the trainings for? E.g.:

  • Steel structure fitters
  • Large format advertising editors
  • Building facade painters
  • Cleans the windows of skyscrapers
  • People serving telecommunications masts

To enroll in a rope access course you will need:

  • 18 years or older,
  • physical fitness enabling work at height,
  • primary education,
  • undergoing high-altitude research.

Why is it worth training?

Person trained in rope access he will find a job without any problems, both in Poland and abroad. You can find employment in various areas of industry, e.g. energy, mining, construction, and mobile telephony.