You will get the qualifications:
UDT authorisation for maintenance of stairs and escalators

Maintenance of escalatorsERGON Personnel Training Center invites you to take advantage of training in the maintenance and operation of escalators and travelators!

Escalators and moving walkways are a type of passenger conveyor that can operate horizontally and also connect different floors together. Escalators and moving walkways are used in and outside many facilities. These devices allow easier movement of the population and also facilitate the transport of loads. It is necessary to have the right preparation to maintain this type of equipment.

The training offered by our Centre is a professional and comprehensive offer aimed at those wishing to work as escalator and escalator maintainers. Our classes incorporate extensive theory and practical classes to give you expert preparation for working with this type of equipment.

During the training sessions, the following topics are discussed: the following topics:

  • basic information on the characteristics of escalators and travelators
  • structural elements of stairs and escalators
  • transport and assembly of stairs and escalators
  • safety devices used on stairs and escalators
  • safe operation of escalators and travelators
  • maintenance and testing of escalators and walkways
  • issues Health and Safety, fire-fighting and first aid related to stairs and escalators
  • legislation relating to escalators and travelators
  • information on technical supervision of escalators and travelators

Classes range from 48 to 88 teaching hours.

On request, we can tailor the scope of the training to meet individual client needs.

The ERGON Centre invites you to take advantage of the offer for stair and escalator maintenance workers!