Crane service - full diagnostics 

We provide a comprehensive service for overhead cranes, including overhaul, refurbishment and upgrades in accordance with the requirements of the UDT. Our specialists will also increase the level of functionality and extend the life of the equipment.  

crane during diagnostics

We carry out the assembly and installation of cranes of various types, including: 

  • natorial, 
  • suspended, 
  • console, 
  • gated,  

What do we offer?

The knowledge and many years of experience of our experts allow us to offer you full support and a wide range of services. We also analyse the current operation and use of cranes in your business, proposing changes to increase the efficiency of the equipment. We carry out audits and necessary repairs. 

Scope of services 

  • verification of the current technical condition of the equipment, 
  • assembly of cranes, 
  • regular maintenance, 
  • creation and maintenance of the necessary technical documentation of the equipment, 
  • minor repairs,  
  • maintenance, 
  • modernisation of the control system, 
  • implementation of the refurbishment,  
  • adaptation of the crane to UDT and health and safety requirements, 
  • increase in load capacity, 
  • changing the power supply system of the crane, 
  • addition of collision avoidance systems, 
  • lengthening or shortening of the crane, 
  • changing the speed control mechanism, 
  • addition of overload sensors, 
  • updating the control cabinet. 

Manufacturers of cranes

modernisation of the crane control system 
  • ABUS, 
  • KRAN-SUW, 
  • HAK, 
  • GH, 
  • GIS AG, 

Principles for the safe operation of cranes

  • maintaining the equipment in proper working order,  
  • appropriate selection of work according to the intended use of the crane type, 
  • a prohibition on exceeding the permissible lifting capacity for handling operations, 
  • operating the cranes in accordance with the rules in the operating instructions,  
  • access to stationary operating instructions in accordance with current UDT regulations. 

Additional services  

We not only provide stationary and mobile service, but also advise on the purchase of equipment. We sell new and used machines, also offering the possibility to check their technical condition before purchase.  

We carry out UDT machine audits and upgrades. In the case of forklift trucks  
and scissor lifts, we provide you with replacement equipment for the duration of the repair. 

UTB machine service 

Other UDT machines that you can service with us 

  • HDS cranes, 
  • forklifts, 
  • mobile platforms (aerial work platforms, scissor lifts), 
  • telescopic handlers. 
crane during stationary service

We offer expert advice 

With our crane service, you can be sure that your equipment will run trouble-free and safely for a long time. Contact us today and find out more about our maintenance services! 

Other services 

Our company also provides training in the operation of UDT machines. If you have any questions or concerns about the condition of your machines or the details of the services we provide - feel free to contact us, our experts are at your disposal.

Questions and answers

What does the UDT machine service cover?

We advise on selection, prepare and maintain the necessary documentation and periodic technical inspections. Our service includes the assembly, installation, repair and modernisation of cranes.

Do we have access to spare parts?

Yes, our service has access to spare parts for many brands of cranes from various manufacturers. 

Can we change the power system for the cranes?

Yes, we will suggest a change to the supply system that is beneficial to you or advise you on an upgrade.

Which machines do you service?

We offer a full service for overhead cranes, cranes, lifting vehicles and other mobile platforms. We also provide training in maintenance and operation of UDT machines.