Vocational qualification training for adults carried out in accordance with ISO 29990 (quality of education)
- on the safe operation (operation/maintenance) of UTBs with UDT/TDT registration
Among others: mobile platforms of cat. IP and IIP; forklift trucks, including specialized ones of cat. IIWJO,IWJO; overhead travelling cranes, hoists and winches controlled from the working level or from the cabin and stationary workshop cranes of cat. IIS-IS; cranes of cat. IIŻ and IŻ; loading platforms of cat. KP; cranes of cat. KD and other as required equipment for the transport of persons or loads within a limited range.
- on the safe operation of slings for hook signalers
- in the field of safe operation - filling/ emptying of pressure equipment (cylinders) with compressed gases with UDT examinations
- in the field of safe operation/ supervision of energy equipment G1; G2; G3
- in the development of a safety culture at work
- for welders according to EN 9606 including torch cutting;
- for welders according to ISO EN 13067
- for UNO operators with TDT exemption class 1-9 according to ADR