Fork-lift truck operator lifting operator with load 

If you would like to gain new skills for your workplace or re-brand yourself, then you are more than welcome to attend our course. We organise specialised forklift operator training. Our qualified training staff will help you prepare for the state exam and get the UDT qualifications

forklift trucks on site

Topics discussed during the training 

  • technical supervision news, 
  • rules Health and Safety and fire safety, 
  • principles of first aid, 
  • forklift truck documentation, 
  • the tasks that the forklift operator must perform before and after work, 
  • types of forklift trucks, 
  • construction of different types of forklift trucks, 
  • operation of forklift trucks, 
  • rules on maintenance and repair, 
  • operation of the equipment, 
  • stability and overturning moment, 
  • types of cargo, 
  • forklift capacity, 
  • proper load lifting, 
  • driving stability and safety, 
  • emergency load-shedding mechanisms, 
  • checking the wear and release of chains and forks, 
  • lights and safety components (hydraulic and mechanical), 
  • principles of proper functioning in the workplace, e.g. directing foot traffic, 
  • working under difficult conditions. 

Course of training 

The course is conducted in the form of theoretical and practical classes. At the end of the training, the trainees take an examination before a commission from the Office of Technical Inspection. 


Popular brands of forklift trucks include companies such as: 

  • HC, 
  • Manitou, 
  • Hyundai, 
  • OMG, 
  • Jungheinrich, 
  • BT, 
  • Toyota, 
  • Taski, 
  • OMV, 
  • Yale, 
  • Linde, 
  • Still, 
  • Komatsu, 
  • Nissan, 
  • Mitsubishi, 
  • Hyster, 
  • Clark, 
  • Bauman. 

lift truck in front of the warehouse


By passing the UDT exam, the trainee receives a qualification certificate entitling them to operate a forklift truck. 

The operator, once certified to operate forklifts, will be able to operate them, regardless of their manufacturer.  

Place of training 

We organise training courses throughout Poland. We offer training at our training centres in major cities in Poland, as well as at any location of the client's choice. 

Working as an operator 

Those with a forklift operator qualification can find employment in places such as: 

  • building depots, 
  • production facilities, 
  • large-format shops, 
  • magazines, 
  • food and pharmaceutical wholesalers, 
  • ports.

Requirements for candidates

  • coming of age, 
  • at least a basic education, 
  • no health contraindications to work as a forklift operator (medical certificate required). 

Why train with us? 

  • we are a company with a lot of experience, 
  • we have qualified instructors, 
  • we offer good prices, 
  • we are mobile - we can train employees on your premises, 
  • we can boast a high pass rate for the UDT examinations. 


forklift trucks in the warehouse

We also offer a forklift maintenance course. Eager operators are welcome to expand their knowledge.  

The class will cover topics such as: 

  • maintenance plans, 
  • braking systems, 
  • repairs to engines and other faults, 
  • preparation of technical documentation, 
  • preparation of the equipment for acceptance by the UDT. 

Our training 

We also offer courses on, among other things: 

  • cranes, 
  • excavators, 
  • backhoe loaders, 
  • storage stacker cranes. 

Questions and answers

Do you carry out training at clients' premises?

Yes. We conduct group training sessions at our clients' companies throughout Poland.

Where can a forklift operator work?

Forklift operators can find employment in a wide range of places, including construction sites, large shops, warehouses, wholesalers, transport companies, manufacturing plants and ports.

Do you have training on how to operate the risers?

Of course. We also have training in the operation of cranes, HDS cranes, tower cranes, excavators, backhoe loaders, storage stackers, telehandlers, among others.