Suspended access platforms UDT maintainer 

Our training centre offers a course for the UDT licence to operate and maintain mobile platforms, including aerial work platforms and scissor lifts. We have been on the market for over 10 years, training trainees to become operators and maintainers throughout the country and beyond. 

mobile platform hanging against buildings

Training program 

The course on mobile platforms covers topics such as: 

  • proper marking of landings, 
  • chassis types, 
  • maintenance plans, 
  • the driving mechanisms of the entire structure, 
  • health and safety rules, 
  • the most common faults and their repair, 
  • technical supervision, 
  • safety device, 
  • control devices, 
  • rules for the operation of mobile platforms. 

What does the examination look like? 

In order to obtain a maintenance and/or operator licence, you must go to the Office of Technical Inspection and pass a state examination before an examination board. 

The prerequisites for taking the training and exam are: 

  • the provision of a medical certificate of fitness to work at a height of more than 3 metres, 
  • reaching the age of majority,  
  • have a minimum of primary education,  
  • Bringing your identity card with you. 
hanging platform

After submitting an application to take the UDT exam and showing your ID card, we should know the date for taking the exam within 30 days. The exam consists of a practical part and a theoretical part, which consists of answering questions in writing. Once you have passed the theoretical part, you will be able to take the practical part and demonstrate the skills you have acquired on the manoeuvring area. 

Training for all types of mobile platforms 

We provide training for all types of mobile platforms, so our trainees will be able to realise themselves as operators and/or maintainers for any type of this equipment at the centre. 

What are the types of entitlements? 

There are two types of entitlements at technical facilities, these are: 

  • operating authorisation - this type of entitlement is required of the operator or driver, 
  • maintenance authorisations - required for the maintenance position, which carries out all repair work. 

Of course, one person can hold both qualifications for the job, but to become a maintainer of a piece of equipment, you need to be qualified to operate it to begin with. 

Types of authorisation for mobile platforms  

Hanging mobile platforms (entitles to operate fixed and masted mobile platforms) The period of validity of the allowances shall last for 10 years 
Mast climbing platforms (entitles to operate fixed and mast platforms) The period of validity of the allowances shall last for 10 years 
Stationary mobile platforms The period of validity of the allowances shall last for 10 years 
Mobile platforms on railway vehicles  The period of validity of the allowances shall last for 10 years 
Mobile mobile platforms The period of validity of the allowances shall last for 5 years 

Previously, these entitlements were indefinite, but as of 1 January 2019, the Technical Inspection Acts were changed to term entitlements. The previous category designations were referred to as I P and II P. 

workers on the hanging platform

Our training centre 

We have been operating on the Polish market for more than 15 years in the training sector. To date, we can boast flattering feedback from trainees who have taken part in our training courses. Our training centre focuses on professionally preparing each trainee for the exam, and all this is done by our qualified training staff. We meet all technical supervision standards and have a high pass rate. 

Questions and answers

What are the different types of authorisation for mobile platforms?

There are two types of authorisations, namely: operating authorisations, which operators and maintainers must have, and maintenance authorisations, which maintainers must have in order to carry out any repairs to the machine. 

For how long is a rating for mobile platforms valid?

The period of time for which the licence is valid is 10 years for mast, fixed, suspended and on-board platforms, and five years for mobile platforms.