Variable reach forklift training 

We organise comprehensive courses for specialised forklift truck operators. The ERGON Personnel Improvement Centre is a company with many years of experience. Our courses prepare you for a wide variety of working conditions and help you to obtain authorisations issued by the Office of Technical Inspection. 

specialised forklift truck

What does the course look like? 

During the training as a specialised forklift operator with variable reach, students will be prepared in both practical and theoretical areas. Our material includes, among other things: 

  • UDT assumptions, 
  • machine types and specifications, 
  • ways of ensuring safe working conditions, 
  • the concepts of stability and overturning moment, 
  • both hydraulic and electrical subsystems, 
  • workstation preparation, 
  • capacity issues, 
  • the daily challenges of operating a forklift truck. 

Practical skills are taught on the latest equipment, on specially designed manoeuvring areas. 

Qualifications exam 

Training as a forklift truck operator, as well as other equipment of this group, ends with a proper state examination conducted by a commission from the Office of Technical Inspection. The examination, like the course, is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. Both are designed to test the skills acquired in terms of knowledge of the equipment in question and its operation. All of the activities included in our training should comprehensively prepare you to pass the exam. 


specialised laden forklift truck

We conduct training courses in Warsaw, where our head office is located, but also wherever our regional offices are located. We also offer the possibility of classes with travel to clients. The course can take the form of: 

  • closed, 
  • open. 

Other aspects such as deadlines depend on the interest in a particular course. 

Training objectives 

The person completing our course should be qualified to handle variable reach forklift trucks, commonly known as telehandlers, and be able to cope with working in a variety of conditions. He or she should also be familiar with the technical specifications of the different types of forklift trucks and be able to cope with fault finding and safe operation. 

Position of operator 

Once qualified as a forklift operator, a graduate of the course should easily manage to find work in: 

  • production halls, 
  • factories, 
  • warehouses, 
  • transports,  
  • in other handling and loading work.  

We also offer training in the operation, maintenance and servicing of other materials handling equipment such as telehandlers, cranes, HDS cranes and others. We also service and sell new and used equipment ourselves. 

We service forklift brands: 

  • Jungheinrich,  
  • Toyota,  
  • BT,  
  • Still,  
  • Linde,  
  • Nissan,  
  • Komatsu,  
  • Mitsubishi,  
  • Hyster,  
  • Yale,  
  • OMV,  
  • Clark,  
  • Bauman,  
  • Taski,  
  • Hako,  
  • HC,  
  • OMG,  
  • Manitou,  
  • Hyundai.  


All those wishing to take part in the course must:   

  • be adults,   
  • not have any contraindications to practise the profession, as certified by a doctor,  
  • have a primary or higher education. 
telescopic loader with operator

Forklift truck 

A forklift with variable reach is a so-called telescopic loader, these are machines classified by the Office of Technical Inspection as handling equipment whose main task is to transport materials to places that are difficult to access. They are mainly used on industrial halls and in warehouses, but also in ports, shipyards or the transport industry in general. Forklifts, like other such equipment, are controlled by the Technical Inspection Authority. Forklifts consist of a control part and attachments for lifting and stacking.  

Questions and answers

What does the course look like?

We divide the classes into theoretical and practical parts. We teach the operation, construction, maintenance and proper use of forklifts.

What are the requirements for students?

The basic requirements for a person entering training are: primary education or higher, being of legal age and having the appropriate medical certificate. 

How to get UDT qualifications?

In order to obtain the licence, a theoretical and practical exam still has to be passed. This takes place in front of a commission from the Office of Technical Inspection, and only after passing this can you gain the right to practise your profession.