UDT vocational training 

Practical classes with a telehandler

We invite you to take part in training courses for UDT authorisations. Our company organises courses in the operation and maintenance of the Equipment for Blind Transport (UTB). Persons wishing to become operators or maintainers of such machines must first attend a preparatory training course to obtain an authorisation from the Office of Technical Inspection. This type of entitlement is obtained by passing the UDT exam; upon passing the exam, people will receive a document confirming their qualifications to work with the equipment.  

Our training 

At our training centre, we teach the operation and maintenance of, among other things: 

  • forklift trucks, 
  • mobile platforms (including aerial work platforms and scissor lifts), 
  • cranes, 
  • winches and hoists, 
  • HDS cranes, 
  • telescopic loaders. 

The range of equipment we train on is quite extensive. We provide tuition aimed at preparing the trainee to pass the UDT exam. 

How does the UDT qualification course work? 

aerial work platforms on construction sites

The course takes place stationary at our training centre or at the customer's premises. We provide theoretical lectures and practical classes in operation and/or maintenance. The theoretical lectures are intended to prepare the participant with general knowledge of the equipment for which he or she wishes to be certified. The practical knowledge is to prepare the trainee to work with the equipment. 

Our experts 

We have the best professionals at our training centre. We want every one of our trainees taking the exam to pass it and gain a professional qualification. To this end, our professionals take an individual approach to each participant to enhance the level of knowledge provided. Our training centre assists you in terms of completing the documents required to register for the exam. 

How long does the qualification last?

General purpose cranes, hoists and winches 10 years 
General and special purpose cranes, hoists and winches   5 years 
Fixed, suspended, mast and vehicle-mounted mobile platforms  10 years 
Mobile mobile platforms 5 years 
General-purpose winches and hoists  10 years 
General and special-purpose winches and hoists  5 years 
Powered stacker trucks with boom and powered stacker trucks with operator lifted with load 5 years 
Mechanical lift trucks with a lifting drive, excluding forklifts with a boom and forklifts with an operator being lifted with the load 10 years  
HDS crane  10 years 
Telescopic loaders 5 years 

Who can join the course? 

Forklift truck training course

Our course is open to people who are at least 18 years of age, have at least an elementary school education and have a medical certificate confirming their ability to do this type of work (we give a referral to the clinic). 

We recruit for our courses by contacting you by telephone. During the conversation, we will inform you of the training date, what you can expect and how the training will be conducted. Feel free to contact us! 

Questions and answers

Who can enrol on our course?

Persons who are at least 18 years of age, who have a medical certificate for this type of work and who have at least an elementary education can sign up for the training.  

What are the types of technical equipment we train on?

We provide training for those who wish to undertake to become operators and/or maintainers of UDT equipment, particularly those machines that fall under the category of Material Handling Equipment. Our course is based on equipment such as forklifts, overhead cranes, telehandlers, mobile platforms (including scissor and basket), telehandlers, hoists and winches and HDS cranes.