Railway and railway vehicle crane - operation

The operation of railway cranes and those placed on railway vehicles requires the relevant qualifications. These qualifications are issued by the Office of Technical Inspection for a period of 5 years. Operating these devices is all about maintaining safety in the workplace and operating the cranes correctly and for a long period of time. 

ERGON Personnel Training Center forms a team of experienced professionals. We have more than 15 years of training experience. Our instructors are professional experts who also work with machinery on a daily basis, including: tower cranes, deck cranes, HDS or railway cranes, mobile platforms, forklift trucks, ropeways. 

Railway crane transported by locomotive

Operator and maintenance training 

The aim of the training is to provide the trainee with the knowledge and skills to operate railway cranes and cranes on railway vehicles and to prepare for the state examination at the Office of Technical Inspection.  

Requirements of trainees

We require prospective course participants to: 

  • age of majority, 
  • a medical certificate attesting that the person is in good health to exercise his/her profession, 
  • minimum education: vocational. 

What does the training look like? 

  1. Sign up for the course at UDT qualifications as a railway crane operator and on railway vehicles. 
  • you will receive training materials in online form, so you can access them anytime, anywhere on your phone.  
  • we are the ones who will enrol you for the exam - we complete all the paperwork for enrolling you for the exam and adapting a date that suits you. 
  1. Start with theoretical preparation, i.e. lectures given by experienced staff. 

The course programme includes: 

  • Health and Safety
  • mechanical engineering, 
  • types of drives and controls, 
  • the specifics of the operator's job, 
  • operator responsibilities, 
  • principles for the correct operation of cranes, 
  • principles of emergency response, 
  • machine documentation, 
  • for maintenance technicians: principles for initial and periodic technical inspections, repair of faults and breakdowns, replacement of parts, technical documentation. 
KRUPP railway crane BA166
  1. Prepare practically - our experts will train you in practice on the site specially prepared for the class. You will learn about the specifics of cranes and simulate working on a professional device.  
  1. Take the UDT exam! -If you think you are already ready for the UDT exam we will sign you up for the state exam. This is the final step before you receive your UDT qualifications railway crane operator and on rail vehicles! 

Railway cranes - applications

  • They are used to transport loads horizontally and vertically. 
  • They are used in: construction, renovation, loading, utility and railway accident recovery work. 
  • They have their own drive for slow operation. Over longer distances, the cranes are transported by a traction vehicle, such as a diesel locomotive. 
  • They can have a drive: manual, diesel or diesel-electric. 
  • Steam cranes can no longer be found on the market, as they were phased out in the 1980s. 

UDT exam 

The course concludes with a state examination at the Office of Technical Inspection, consisting of: 

  • theoretical test with closed questions 
  • the practical part of the exam - this takes place on a specially prepared manoeuvring area where the candidate, under the supervision of a committee, performs activities in the area of crane operation and simulated work (e.g. preparing the machine for work, driving, detection of a simulated malfunction, and in the case of the maintainer exam: repairing a malfunction, replacing parts). 

UDT qualifications 

Diagram of the construction of a crane on a railway platform

A positive result of the examination is tantamount to obtaining an UDT qualification as an operator of railway cranes and cranes on railway vehicles. The trainee is issued with a qualification certificate entitling them to practice the profession. The certificates issued are valid for a period of 5 years from their acquisition.  

After the course, you can work on equipment from various manufacturers including: Kirov, Graco, KRUPP or Gottwald. 

Where do we train?

Our head office is located in Warsaw, but we train specialists throughout Poland with the possibility of travelling to the client. 

Other operator/maintenance courses: 

  • Rail cranes, 
  • Tower and high-speed cranes, 
  • Stationary cranes, 
  • Deck cranes, 
  • Floating cranes, 
  • HDS cranes, 
  • Mobile cranes. 

Questions and answers

How long is the UDT licence for operating railway cranes valid?

The validity of qualifications for railway cranes and on railway vehicles is five years.

What kind of education do I need to take a railway crane operator course?

Training courses are open to adults with a minimum of vocational training.

What does the training programme for railway cranes cover?

The course programme for the railway crane operator includes knowledge of: Health and safety at work, legal regulations, types of machines and drives, specifics of the operator's work, principles of correct operation of a railway crane, or rules of action in the event of an accident. We take care of the theoretical as well as practical training of our trainees.

What is the examination at the Office of Technical Inspection for a railway crane operator?

The examination begins with a theoretical part, i.e. a test containing closed questions. After passing this, the practical part takes place. On a specially prepared site, the examinee performs tasks in the area of railway crane operation (e.g. driving the device, simulating the handling of an emergency). The entire examination is supervised by the UDT examination board. After passing both parts of the exam, you receive an UDT qualification certificate for the occupation, valid for 5 years.