Mast platform operator training 

The task of the training is to prepare the trainee for the examination before the board of the Office of Technical Inspection. A person participating in the theory and practice of operating mobile platforms who passes the exam will receive a certificate of qualification to work on these devices. 

operator at work on mast platform

Scope of the course 

The training provided by ODK ERGON covers all the issues required to obtain a new profession. Here are the main ones: 

  • construction drive mechanisms, 
  • device control, 
  • the strength capabilities of the platforms, 
  • types of drive mechanism of the device, 
  • rules for carrying out technical supervision, 
  • general rules for the use of mobile platforms, 
  • safety devices, 
  • proper labelling of equipment, 
  • training on health and safety in the workplace. 

What is the operator's job like? 

When working, the mast platform operator should constantly monitor his or her surroundings and demonstrate the ability to react quickly to unforeseen situations. The operator must also regularly check the technical condition of the platform and keep it clean and tidy. 

The mast platform operator is also responsible for preparing the platform for operation, which includes checking the condition of the batteries, oil and other fluids, as well as checking the technical and safety condition of the machine. If any malfunction is detected, the operator should immediately notify his supervisor and not use the platform until the malfunction has been rectified. 

Why us? 

We are a company specialising in providing comprehensive training for the operation and maintenance of mobile platforms, among other things. We have qualified staff with extensive teaching experience. Our classes meet the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection and prepare you to work on all types of mobile platforms, especially the popular basket or scissor lifts.  

Working as a mobile platform operator is a responsible job, as lifting people or loads to the right height requires the right knowledge. During our training, you can prepare yourself thoroughly for your new profession.   

block construction using a mast platform

We run the following operation and maintenance courses: 

  • stationary mobile platforms, 
  • mobile platforms, 
  • platforms used on railway vehicles, 
  • suspended access platforms. 

Where can you work after the course? 

Being able to operate mobile platforms allows you to work in a variety of industries. The equipment is used to work in, among other things: 

  • in industrial plants, 
  • on construction sites, 
  • in warehouses, 
  • on viaducts, 
  • on bridges, 
  • on ships,
  • on oil platforms. 

 The most common jobs carried out with mobile platforms are: 

  • facade insulation and painting, 
  • assembly operations taking place at height, e.g. installation of large-scale advertising, 
  • carrying out inspections of components at height, 
  • cleaning of building façades, 
  • façade conservation work, 
  • service and repair of façade-mounted equipment, 
  • window cleaning in office buildings. 

Conditions for participation in training 

  • coming of age, 
  • minimum basic education, 
  • no health contraindications to exercising the profession, certified by a medical certificate. 

What do we offer?

mast platform against a background of buildings
  • full training, including: 
    • the theoretical part, 
    • the practical part, 
  • training materials, 
  • assistance with all the formalities for the UDT examination. 

Our other courses 

At our company, we have a wide range of courses on offer. In addition to the above-described course for mobile platforms, we run, among others: 

  • mountaineering course, 
  • a course in the operation and maintenance of tower cranes, 
  • crane operation and maintenance course, 
  • crane operation and maintenance course, 
  • Forklift truck operation and maintenance course, 
  • HDS crane operation and maintenance course.

Questions and answers

What are the conditions of participation in the course?

You must be at least 18 years old, have completed at least primary school and show a certificate from an occupational physician.

Where can you work with a mobile platforms licence?

With a UDT licence, you can work in warehouses, industrial plants, construction sites, oil rigs, ships, masts, viaducts, among others.

Do you also run forklift operation courses?

Yes. Our company has a wide range of courses on the operation and maintenance of various equipment.