Overhead crane training 

ERGON provides training and courses in the operation of cranes. With us, you will gain qualifications for your profession.  

We are worth trusting because: 

  • our school has been on the market for more than 10 years, 
  • we have a qualified teaching staff. 
crane in the hall

Post-course work 

As a qualified crane operator, you will find employment in many places. You can work in warehouses, production halls, construction sites, ports, oil rigs and cargo ships. The construction industry is growing all the time, so you will have a profession that you can work in for years to come. 

Requirements for course participants 

Completed 18 years of age. 
Minimum basic education. 
A medical certificate confirming that our health condition allows us to work in the position. 

Legal standards relating to crane operator qualifications 

According to the current legislation, crane operator qualifications fall into two categories: 

  • general-purpose cranes, hoists and hoists, 
  • general and special-purpose cranes, hoists and hoists. 

Training program 

The crane operator course covers the following topics: 

Technical supervision of general purpose or general and special purpose cranes. 
Tasks of the crane operator at the workplace. 
Information on the construction and operation of cranes. 
Health and safety training. 
Practical classes on individual cranes, depending on the category chosen. 
Responsibilities of the overhead crane operator after work. 

Examination by the Technical Inspection Authority 

Once you have successfully passed the exam conducted by the UDT, you will be issued with a certificate allowing you to operate cranes. The exam is held in our head office in Warsaw. The UDT exam verifies your level of theoretical and practical knowledge and takes place in front of members of the UDT Commission. 

cranes in the warehouse

Crane operator earnings 

Earnings depend on the size of the company the operator works for, his or her experience in the position and seniority. 

Course price 

The price is closely linked to the number of people taking part in the training. When dealing with organised groups, the price is set individually. The cost of the UDT examination is already included in the course price. Please contact us for the price list. 

Place of training 

We conduct courses at our head office in Warsaw and at our branches located in many places throughout Poland. 

  • In the case of companies, training also takes place on the premises of the company that orders the service. We are ready to travel to any place in Poland. 

We still have the following courses on offer: 

  • HDS lifting course, 
  • mountaineering course, 
  • forklift operator course, 
  • telescopic loader course, 
  • IP and IIP mobile platforms course. 

You are cordially invited to take a look at our entire range. 

Questions and answers

Why take a course with you?

Our company ERGON has been in the market for many years and is successively training new employees. We pride ourselves on our qualified and committed teaching staff. 

In which cities do you provide training?

In the main ERGON branch located in Warsaw and in centres located in many cities in Poland. We are also ready to conduct a course anywhere in Poland upon request. 

Do you provide crane operator training for all categories?

Yes, of course. You can get all the UDT qualifications for crane operator with us. 

Where can you work after a crane operator course?

With an overhead crane operator licence, you can work in many places, including warehouses, construction sites and production halls.