UDT equipment services 

Our company provides a wide range of services related to equipment under the supervision of the UDT facility. We are an experienced company with many years of experience, holding all the necessary authorisations required by the Office of Technical Inspection. Our team is made up of a cadre of professionals who have a wealth of factual knowledge and practical experience in working with UDT machines. We work with both wholesalers and construction companies and vehicle dealerships, as well as serving individual customers. 

Comprehensive UDT equipment services 

Our main area of activity is the service and sale of materials handling equipment, including: lifts, cranes, HDS cranes, basket lifts and loading platforms. We draw up the necessary documentation, carry out UDT inspections and determine the UDT service life of the equipment in question. We deal with all cases, regardless of the make, type or purpose of the vehicle. Orders that may seem impossible to carry out are usually feasible for our team of specialists, as our knowledge and specialised equipment enable us to overcome every obstacle.  

spare parts for forklift trucks

Other services on offer 

Since the establishment of our company, we have constantly tried to develop the scope of our activities. We take an individual approach to every order and make sure that cooperation with our company is successful. 
OpIn addition to the repair of UDT equipment, our range of services includes: 

  • actuator repairs; 
  • manifold service; 
  • crimping of hydraulic lines and hoses; 
  • post-accident repairs to bodywork; 
  • installation and service of air conditioning; 
  • regeneration of radiators in buses and cars; 
  • technical advice and purchase support; 
  • production of a free preliminary design.  

Service and sales of surveillance equipment 

We sell specialised equipment for entrepreneurial businesses. Our product range includes state-of-the-art material handling janitorial equipment. 

These are primarily devices such as:  

  • car lifts; 
  • HDS cranes;  
  • hook-up trucks; 
  • aerial work platforms; 
  • scissor lifts; 
  • cranes; 
  • telescopic handlers. 

We provide competitive prices for our products and each of the offers available on our website comes with a full guarantee. We also guarantee that the equipment we sell is of high quality.   

We sell machines from well-known and reputable manufacturers, these include: 

  • Dhollandia; 
  • Bär Cargolift; 
  • ZEPRO; 
  • HIAB; 
  • HMF; 
  • Dautel; 
  • Palfinger; 
  • Penz Crane; 
  • Hyva Crane; 
  • FASSI. 

car lift during repair

We provide expert advice during the purchase process if you have any doubts about your choice of equipment. 

Repair of car lifts 

We provide services related to the comprehensive repair of vehicle lifts. Adequate servicing of UDT lifts is extremely important as it allows repairs to be carried out reliably and early diagnosis enables potential downtime and costly breakdowns to be reduced. In addition, the risk of accidents with fully operational equipment is minimised. Our team provides service at the highest level of efficiency. 

Reconditioning of hydraulic cylinders 

Hydraulic cylinders are components that require periodic preventive diagnostics to ensure that they function efficiently and avoid major faults that require servicing. The specialists working in our unit deal not only with current repairs, but also with the examination of the technical condition of cylinders and the related regeneration of these machines.  

As part of the regeneration, we offer the following activities: 

  • chrome plating and grinding of piston rods; 
  • replacement of bearings and seals; 
  • cylinder tube replacement; 
  • honing of cylinders. 

Repair of aerial work platforms 

We provide an expert service for aerial work platforms of all types, offering emergency support. Our lift repairs are carried out reliably and on time. 

Activities we undertake in the repair of elevators: 

  • carrying out repairs to minor faults and breakdowns;  
  • maintenance checks; 
  • carrying out equipment surveillance;  
  • mechanical damage service; 
  • major renovations; 
  • modernisation of plumbing systems.   

Inspection of equipment in accordance with UDT 

aerial lift during repair

We offer a technical inspection of the equipment in terms of UDT requirements, which is carried out on the basis of current requirements. We guarantee conscientious preparation of the equipment for testing and, in addition, the support of our service technicians during the inspection. In addition to inspection diagnostics, our specialists also provide total support in all other processes imposed by the Office of Technical Inspection.  

Our offerings in this regard include: 

  • assistance when declaring equipment to the UDT based on the latest regulations; 
  • expert support from our technicians as an assistant service technician during a visit by an UDT official; 
  • ensuring that UDT machine checks are carried out on time.  

Feel free to contact us, we are at your service! 

Questions and answers

What does your hydraulic cylinder reconditioning offer include?

As part of cylinder reconditioning, we offer activities such as chrome plating and grinding of piston rods, replacement of bearings and seals, replacement of cylinder tubes and honing of cylinders. 

What is your company's area of activity?

Our service offerings include vehicle lifts, cranes, aerial work platforms, forklifts, hydraulic cylinders, telescopic handlers and HDS cranes.